12 Creative and Cute Sensory Bin Ideas

I’ve seen tons of cute, fun, and sometimes extravagent ideas for sensory bins flying around the blogosphere and Pinterest, but have yet to venture into making any for my own kids. But, I love the idea of them, and think they would be a great way to keep my kids entertained while I’m working or getting stuff done around the house.

So, I rounded up a few of my favorite ideas for fun, but not too complicated sensory bins.

12 Creative and Cute Sensory Bin Ideas:

  • Ocean 1 of 12
    My kids love to play with anything that has to do with water, so I'm sure they'd love this fun ocean themed bin.
    Inspiration for an Ocean Sensory Bin
  • Rock Garden 2 of 12
    Rock Garden
    Rocks are fun to scoop, pour and play with, and the flowers add an interesting different texture.
    Inspiration for Rock Garden Sensory Bin
  • Easter 3 of 12
    A cute and fun way to get kids excited for the upcoming Easter holiday.
    Inspiration for Easter Sensory Bin
  • Dinosaur Play 4 of 12
    Dinosaur Play
    Kids will love to dig into the sand and play in their own little prehistoric world with this Dinosaur Bin.
    Inspiration for Dinosaur Sensory Bin
  • Angry Birds 5 of 12
    Angry Birds
    My son is obsessed with Angry Birds and would love playing with this super cute bin.
    Inspiration for Angry Birds Sensory Bin
  • Simple Animals 6 of 12
    Simple Animals
    I love the simplicity of this bin - rice with small animals. Perfect for throwing together at the last minute, or without having to go out and buy extra supplies.
    Inspiration for Simple Animals Bin
  • Flower Arranging 7 of 12
    Flower Arranging
    My kids love to help me garden, but sometimes their helping is more like hurting, when it comes to the flowers. This bin allows them to plant and rearrange their own colorful flowers, however they want.
    Inspiration for Flower Arranging Bin
  • Bath Time 8 of 12
    Bath Time
    The fun of bath time, without the hassle of water all over the bathroom and screaming because they got water in their eyes - at least that's what happens at my house!
    Inspiration for Bath Time Bin
  • Construction Site 9 of 12
    Construction Site
    Your little digger will love playing with this construction themed bin!
    Inspiraton for Construction Bin
  • Digging for Treasure 10 of 12
    Digging for Treasure
    Kids love to dig in dirt and sand, bury some treasure and let them have something fun to dig for!
    Inspiration for Digging for Treasure Bin
  • Outer Space 11 of 12
    Outer Space
    Space ships, stars and planets are the highlights of this fun and creative bin.
    Inspiration for Outer Space Bin
  • Garden Play 12 of 12
    Garden Play
    Let kids have their own little garden to dig and plant and play, great for winter or rainy days when you're stuck inside, but wishing you could be outdoors.
    Inspiration for Garden Play Bin

Have you made sensory bins for your toddler? What is your favorite theme for a sensory bin?

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