12 Easy Bookmarks You Can Make With Your Kids

Recently, I started reading chapter books to my kids. At first I thought they might be too young, especially my toddler, but I decided to just dive in and see how it went.

I picked up abridged versions of classics like Little Women and The Wind in the Willows at the dollar spot at Target. We started reading them at the beginning of the year, and my kids were hooked.

So then, we checked out Charlotte’s Web from the library, and after watching the movie, my kids are in love with the book and we are on our second time through it.

We usually read one chapter at nap time and one at bed time, so we can make it through a book fairly quickly and the kids are able to remember the story from one reading session to the next.

And you know what else? I’m actually enjoying reading time more than I did before when we were reading shorter, and sometimes annoying, picture books.

One issue that came up as we started reading chapter books was how to mark our spot. Folding over the corner of a page works fine, but it messes up the pages of the book. I thought if I could make some fun bookmarks with my kids, it would not only be a cute way to mark our page, it would also help them be more interested and engaged in reading these longer books.

So, I searched around online, and came up with some fun and easy homemade bookmarks to make with your kids.

  • Collage Bookmarks and More 1 of 12
    Even though you're toddler probably can't read yet, they'll enjoy cutting letters or pictures out of magazines and making these collage bookmarks.
    Inspiration for making these collage bookmarks, and more.
  • Baseball Bookmark 2 of 12
    Your little slugger will love holding their place with this easy baseball bookmark made with craft foam and letters.
    Instructions for Baseball Bookmark
  • Monster Corner Bookmark 3 of 12
    This one may be more of a mommy project, but this monster corner bookmark is so fun, your kids will love that you made it for them.
    Instructions for Monster Corner Bookmark
  • Animal Popsicle Stick Bookmarks 4 of 12
    Cute and easy popsicle stick bookmarks are sure to be a hit with your little animal lover!
    Instructions for Animal Popsicle Stick Bookmarks
  • Paint Chip Bookmarks 5 of 12
    Choose your child's favorite colors to make these fun and colorful place holders.
    Instructions for Paint Chip Bookmarks
  • Felt and Ribbon Bookmark 6 of 12
    You can customize this cute bookmark to go along with the book you're reading by choosing elements from the book for the felt shapes.
    Instructions for Felt and Ribbon Bookmark
  • Paperclip Bookmark 7 of 12
    These are simple, easy and bright thanks to colored paperclips and colorful ribbon.
    Inspiration for Paperclip Bookmarks
  • Animal Friends Bookmarks 8 of 12
    I love how these cute little animal bookmarks peek over the page. You can draw the animal and then have your little one color them in.
    Instructions for Animal Friends Bookmark
  • Snowman Bookmark 9 of 12
    My kids are a little sad about the fact that we haven't had enough snow this winter to build a snowman, but hopefully this easy snowman bookmark will cheer them up a bit.
    Instructions for Snowman Bookmark
  • Printable Bookmark 10 of 12
    Encourage your kids love of reading with this simple printable bookmark with a sweet quote from Dr. Seuss.
    Get thePrintable Bookmark here
  • Very Hungry Caterpillar Bookmark 11 of 12
    Kids will love using their thumbprints to help make this simple bookmark based on the classic toddler book.
    Instructions for Very Hungry Caterpillar Bookmark
  • Animal Corner Bookmark 12 of 12
    Another version of the corner cover bookmark, this one can highlight your child's favorite animal.
    Instructions for Animal Corner Cover Bookmark

At what age did you start reading chapter books with your kids? How did they respond?

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