12 Easy Ways to Jazz up a School Sandwich

When you send your kid off to school with a healthy lunch, you want to make sure they are going to open up their lunchbox and be happy with the contents.

Giving a child a healthy meal means nothing if  he or she isn’t going to eat it.

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to jazz up a lunch and make it fun. Unfortunately, a lot of the options I’ve seen (like Spongebob and the grand piano) involve college degrees in fine art, fancy food decorating tools and way more time than most parents have in the morning.

Plus, show me a kid who can trek a grand piano sandwich to school and not wreck it along the way.

You need a creative sandwich you can close in a Ziploc bag, your kid can toss in a backpack, then throw in a cubby or locker and it will remain fresh and intact until noon.

Below are twelve great ideas for jazzing up a simple sandwich.

  • Crustaches 1 of 12
    What kid wouldn't want a sandwich shaped like a mustache? Guaranteed hit.
    Found on Roy Reid
  • Lunch Punch Sandwich Cutters 2 of 12
    Lunch Punch Sandwich Cutters
    The great thing about Lunch Punch are they cut the crusts off, use the entire sandwich so there is little waste and come in a huge variety of shapes.
    Found on Wanelo
  • Sandwich Stamps 3 of 12
    Sandwich Stamps
    Stamping a sandwich is a super simple way to jazz up a sandwich that's very popular in Japan.
    Found on JBox
  • Who needs bread? 4 of 12
    Who needs bread?
    I love this idea for PB&J on apple rings.
    Found on 100 Days of Real Food
  • Fun Bites 5 of 12
    Fun Bites
    Fun Bites makes tons of snackable little squares perfect for sharing with friends.
    Found on Formula Mom
  • For the Princess 6 of 12
    For the Princess
    These sandwich cutters from Pottery Barn make crowns, frogs and fairy princesses.
    Found on Pottery Barn Kids
  • Nerd Chic 7 of 12
    Nerd Chic
    Check out these awesome Star Wars themed sandwich cutters.
    Found on Willams Sonoma
  • Sandwich Sushi 8 of 12
    Sandwich Sushi
    Rolling up a sandwich and cutting it like sushi is a great way to make a kid feel super sophisticated in the cafeteria.
    Found on Tablespoon
  • Stamp/Cutter Combos 9 of 12
    Stamp/Cutter Combos
    Step things up a notch with these cute shape and stamps in one.
    Found on Bento USA
  • Puzzle Sandwich 10 of 12
    Puzzle Sandwich
    Of course, if you don't have a lot of time, I'm sure sticking to one kind of bread is just as fun.
    Found on Inhabitots
  • Pocket Surprise 11 of 12
    Pocket Surprise
    This great sandwich cutter seals the contents inside as well. Is it ham & cheese? PB&J? Finding out is half the fun.
    Found on Bento Mania
  • Birthday Sandwich 12 of 12
    Birthday Sandwich
    Nothing better than honoring your kid's birthday with a sandwich cut like a birthday cake. Or motivating her to eat turkey and cheese because it's cut to look like a cupcake.
    Found on Pottery Barn Kids

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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