12 Fall Books for Toddlers

Fall is coming! September 22nd officially marks the start of the season. Why not introduce your toddler to autumn with a good fall book.

Our 3-year-old has a new obsession with books. This marks a huge about face, as he is quite active and has never really enjoyed sitting still before bedtime. For the last several weeks, a night hasn’t gone by without him screaming “Read to me Mommy!” Which of course melts my heart. The only problem is, he is obsessed with this ONE Curious George book and demands that we only read that ONE book! Hopefully we can slide in reading some fall books for him to enjoy as well.

Here are 12 Fall books to read to your toddler

  • Fall Books for Toddlers 1 of 13

    Introduce your toddler to the fall season with a good book. Here are 12 fall-themed books for toddlers!

  • A Fall with Bobo 2 of 13

    We had a dog for 14 years named Bobo, so anything with the name Bobo we are quite partial to. A Fall with Bobo is about Bobo enjoying various fall activities.

    Available on Amazon, $8.96

  • Arthur Jumps into Fall 3 of 13

    Arthur Jumps into Fall talks about Arthur doing a special job of raking leaves for his dad, but then decides to throw a leaf party, where all jump in the leaves.

    Available at Amazon, 80 cents (buy used!)

  • A Fairy-Tale Fall 4 of 13

    Your little princess will love learning how Belle, Cinderella, and Ariel celebrate Halloween in this book, A Fairy-Tale Fall.

    Available at Amazon, $3.51

  • Why Do Leaves Change Colors? 5 of 13

    Learn why leaves change colors and various fall activities that include leaves in the fall book: Why Do Leaves Change Colors?

    Available at Amazon, $5.39

  • The Leaves Fall All Around 6 of 13

    Celebrate fall with The Leaves Fall All Around. It is filled with alliteration, repetition, and singalong fun that encourages toddlers to participate in the storytelling

    Available at Amazon, from a penny (check used stock!)

  • Blue’s Fall Day 7 of 13

    Our boys have recently been introduced to Blue's Clues and can't get enough! Our older 2 grew up with Blue, so it's fun seeing our younger 2 enjoy him as well! This book lets you play Blue's Clues to find out what Blue's favorite season is.

    Available at Amazon, from .13 (check used stock!)

  • Welcome Fall 8 of 13

    The board book, Welcome Fall by Scholastic will help introduce this colorful season to your toddler with illustrations and textures.

    Available at Amazon, from .01 (check used books)

  • I Love Fall 9 of 13

    I Love Fall is a touch and feel board book that will allow your toddler to feel all the textures that fall has to offer.

    Available at Amazon, from .01 (check used books!)

  • Leaf Man 10 of 13

    The book Leaf Man is getting RAVE reviews on Amazon for it's imagery. The author uses real leaves to illustrate the story. Each page is colorful and has the leaves arranged in order to form figures.  Enjoy this fall book with your toddlers and older children as well!

    Available at Amazon, $12.68

  • It’s Fall 11 of 13

    It's Fall introduces various fall concepts to your toddler, like describing what happens to animals, plants, and people in the autumn.

    Available at Amazon, from $1.99

  • Clifford and the Big Leaf Pile 12 of 13

    Our favorite big red dog, Clifford, is put in charge of watching a leaf pile... but can he resist jumping into the leaves?

    Available at Amazon, from .01 (check used books!)

  • Autumn 13 of 13

    This board book, Autumn, is filled with vivid imagery but no text! It was created to inspire creativity and allow your toddler to tell the story.

    Available at Amazon, from $2.69 used

Here in Texas, we are sweating in 100+ degree heat. The thought of fall and its cool weather (and some rain, please!) can’t become a reality soon enough!

What Is Your Favorite Fall Book for Toddlers?

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