12 Hilarious Toddler and Baby Memes!

Eff you facebook angry babyInternet memes are a strange phenomenon. I have no idea how or where they get started, but they always end up making their way to my Facebook feed. Take today for example: The number of memes that were generated and passed around as a result of the Facebook changes that rolled out today were astounding. Hey, I even made one just for fun (see the angry baby pic to your left).

There are so many of babies and toddlers which makes me wonder, who are these people and do their parents know they are all over the universe with profanity coming out of their mouths in bubble form?

Regardless, here are some ridiculous photos of other people’s children, and some pets. Some have captions, others have just been passed around to millions and MILLIONS of people. I found some to be hilarious, and some to be downright disturbing! What’s your take? 

  • Angry Baby 1 of 12
    Angry Baby
    This crazy angry baby is not quite a toddler (although now she's probably in college), but I bet you've seen this one.
  • Baby Godfather 2 of 12
    Baby Godfather
    This was my favorite of the baby godfathers. Gotta love the pointing phase. Fuzz is there now, but he usually doesn't point down like this little guy.
  • Cat In A Toddler Car seat 3 of 12
    Cat In A Toddler Car seat
    Gotta love a cat in a toddler car seat. This is just funny.
  • Tantrum Girl 4 of 12
    Tantrum Girl
    You've seen this face before, right? If not the meme, your own child.
  • Creepy Dancing Baby 5 of 12
    Creepy Dancing Baby
    Kind of a toddler. I remember this freakazoid from Ally McBeal. (yeah, I'm old)
  • Girlfriends he has… 6 of 12
    Girlfriends he has...
    This adorable little dude makes a perfect Sears photo, and now his face is all over the internet with captions.
  • Hurricane Toddler 7 of 12
    Hurricane Toddler
    Not exactly a toddler, but can't you see? A Toddler Wuz Here.
  • Got Milk 8 of 12
    Got Milk
    This cracks me up!
  • Success Kid 9 of 12
    Success Kid
    Most of the captions for this meme remind me of an upper east side overgrown frat boy.
  • Tigers have toddlers too! 10 of 12
    Tigers have toddlers too!
  • Toddler and Kitty playing 11 of 12
    Toddler and Kitty playing
  • Icy Glare Baby 12 of 12
    Icy Glare Baby
    I love this one mostly because I recognize that expression: Fuzz has this face almost every day.

Babble readers submit: Messy Eaters!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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