12 Pictures of My Toddlers and 12 Pictures of Me as a Toddler

I’m pretty lucky, I grew up with a photographer as a mom — meaning I have some pretty sweet photos of my childhood. My dad says they’re all staged and forced, but I don’t really care. My mom was working with film and two little girls, forced or not I have some sweet photos of me from a baby to awkward teen. My mom brought me a CD full of photos from my childhood and last night I was able to go through all of them. Every once in awhile I see a similarity between my girls and me, a smile, a curl — some chubby knees. My mom says my youngest looks like her, my mother-in-law says she looks like her and my sisters-in-law.

I had Addie when I was 22, Vivi when I was 29.

Regardless of who they look like, they look pretty darn adorable to me. (Even more adorable than my goofy self, that’s for sure.)

  • My Toddlers, Me as a Toddler 1 of 26
    two toddlers, twenty nine years apart

    Click through to see the cuteness.

  • Me on a Log 2 of 26

    Well hi there! Here's me, about two years old — hanging out on a log.

  • With My Grandma 3 of 26

    On the right is my mom, in the middle is her mom and my grandma, on the left is my mom's big sister and in front of her is my big sister. Then there's me. I must have been charming, don't I look charming?

  • Addie and My Grandma 4 of 26

    Behind me is the same door that last photo was taken in front of. Addie is wondering why my grandpa gets yelled at so much. (He's super hard of hearing.)

    My grandparents just celebrated their 68th anniversary.

  • My Second Birthday 5 of 26

    Happy birthday me!

  • Addie’s Second Birthday 6 of 26

    Happy birthday, Addie!

  • Vivi’s Second Birthday 7 of 26

    Happy birthday, Vivi!

  • Funny Face Me 8 of 26

    HEE! I'M SO FUNNY! (Also, how cool is my vintage Mickey shirt?)

  • Funny Face Me (Again) 9 of 26

    I had knuckle dimples. Knuckle dimples are the best.

  • Funny Face Addie 10 of 26

    How goofy is this little kid?

  • Funny Faced Vivi 11 of 26

    Goofy runs in the family, this here is proof.

  • Stylish Me 12 of 26

    The curls, the dress, the matching leggings and shirt — such a lady.

  • My First Fish 13 of 26

    But look! I can be super rugged in my khakis and striped sweater as well!

  • Stylish Addie 14 of 26

    I took some serious pride in dressing Addie. So much fun.

  • Toddler Vivi 15 of 26

    Vivi's pretty stylish too, but Addie still takes the style cake.

  • Vivi’s Balloons 16 of 26

    How cute is she? Just about as cute as toddler Addie and toddler me.

  • The Poor Cat and Me 17 of 26

    Poor cat. I choked so many cats in my toddler years.

  • Vivi and the ‘bapple’ 18 of 26

    Vivi on the other hand prefers to hold onto snacks instead of cats.

  • Shoulder Ride 19 of 26

    Riding on my dad's shoulders. Check out HIS vintage Mickey shirt.

    My dad's a hunk.

  • My Dad and Me 20 of 26

    This is my favorite picture of my dad and me, it was taken on my second birthday.

  • Addie With My Dad 21 of 26

    This is toddler Addie with my dad and step mom. My step mom and Addie look biologically related, right?

  • Vivi and My Dad 22 of 26

    My dad and Vivi, sharing a waffle. I love this photo of them together.

  • Me in a Bucket 23 of 26

    Nothing epitomizes toddlerhood like a photo in a bucket. Here's mine!

    Also, there's my sister again!

  • 22 Months Apart 24 of 26

    My sister and I are 22 months apart. We were pretty tight.

  • Sisters 25 of 26

    I mean, HOW COOL ARE WE? (We're still pretty tight.)

  • Little Sisters 26 of 26

    These sisters are 6 years and 5 months apart, but they're every bit as tight and just as adorable.

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