12 Boo-tiful Ideas for Preschool Halloween Goodie Bags

My daughter is already talking about her preschool class Halloween party. Since this is her second year of preschool, she knows the ropes: she’ll get to show off her costume, eat copious amounts of candy (before lunch!), and play holiday-themed games.

She also knows that there will be goodie bags, a fact I always seem to forget about until the day before. True to my organizationally-challenged nature, I end up scouring the grocery store at the eleventh hour searching for suitable treats.

This year I’m vowing to do better. And since I know they’ll be getting plenty of sugary treats elsewhere, I’m focusing on handing out cute, personalized bags with a non-candy treat or two tucked inside.

Here are few ideas!

  • Scarecrow Treat Bag 1 of 12
    Scarecrow Treat Bag
    These bags were a huge hit when I made them for my son's class at Halloween, and they're great because they're not scary at all for the younger kiddos.
    For instructions, visit Family Fun
  • Spooky Confetti 2 of 12
    Spooky Confetti
    Fill your goody bags with this Halloween confetti for a little extra festive fun!
    Confetti, $2.50 Maria Polito
  • Boo Bags 3 of 12
    Boo Bags
    Pack these adorable bags with Halloween goodies like stickers, crayons and other preschool favorites. They could double as trick or treat bags too.
    12 Bags, $18 The Pirdie Birdie
  • Make Bath Time Fun 4 of 12
    Make Bath Time Fun
    Won't your toddler's classmates love these little guys?
    Rubber Duckies, $10.99/24 Amazon
  • Glitter Tattoos 5 of 12
    Glitter Tattoos
    Every toddler loves tattoos! These would be perfect for the party.
    Temporary Tattoos, $6.64Amazon
  • Yummy Mummies 6 of 12
    Yummy Mummies
    You'll have so much fun making these goodie containers with your kids, and they'll be a huge hit!
    For instructions visit Family Fun
  • Halloween Play Doh 7 of 12
    Halloween Play Doh
    You can't go wrong with Play Doh, and in Halloween colors it would be a hit for sure!
    Play Doh Packs, $13.39 Amazon
  • Frankenstickers 8 of 12
    Give plain brown lunch bags some Halloween spirit with these adorable personalized stickers. Preschoolers love seeing their names!
    Stickers, $5.75 The Preppy Cafe
  • Personalized Spider Web Labels 9 of 12
    Personalized Spider Web Labels
    Personalized labels make another great option. I love these spider webs!
    $3 for 5 labelsThe Red Dahlia
  • Pencil Packs 10 of 12
    Pencil Packs
    This is a great alternative to candy.
    Pencil Packs, $15 for 12 Accardian Cards
  • Pumpkin Decorating Sticker Sheets 11 of 12
    Pumpkin Decorating Sticker Sheets
    How much fun would your toddler have with these sticker sheets?
    Sticker Sheets, $7.95/12 Amazon
  • Pumpkin Bags 12 of 12
    Pumpkin Bags
    These bags are personalized with your child's name and a sweet Halloween greeting.
    Bags, $22 for 25 The Trendy Butterfly

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