12 Reasons Toddlers Are Way Better Than Babies

“Toddlers are WAY better than babies.”

I’ve said it before and had other parents shudder or gasp in disbelief. It’s kind like saying you hate puppies or telling a fellow female that you don’t like romantic comedies. Basically it’s pretty near blasphemy.

I’m not exactly sure why, but people really love babies. OK, I actually am sure why. They’re tiny and miraculous…but they aren’t as cool as toddlers in my personal opinion. I’ve never been into babies, but people always told me that once I had my own I would be. Fast forward to now…I do like babies way more than I did before. I can appreciate that they are tiny, sweet, little blobs and I obviously loved my own baby. But…do I miss the baby stage? No way, no day.

I miss Fern being teeny tiny, but I am seriously LOVING the toddler stage. It is so much more fun than baby-ness! Here’s why…

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  • They’re more interactive 2 of 13
    Yes, babies interact a bit, but toddlers are obviously WAY more interactive. Seeing Fern's response and expressions to different situations - especially the new experiences - is so much fun!
  • They’re funnier 3 of 13
    Toddlers are hilarious. They have the best comedic timing - however inadvertent it may be - and those cheesy grins get me every time.
  • The sleep is WAY better 4 of 13
    I love my sleep and now that I have a toddler, I'm finally getting more of it. Those people who talk about "sleeping like a baby" have obviously never had one.
  • They know how to lighten the mood 5 of 13
    When Fern was a baby, I had plenty of moments where I felt completely overwhelmed and on the verge of a breakdown. When she was a baby staring up at me blankly, it didn't provide much consolation, but now she just seems to know how to lighten the mood with a silly face or action and she can instantly make me smile and remind me to chill out.
  • They can let you know what they need 6 of 13
    The most difficult thing for me about having a baby was the fact that they can't tell you what they need. Yeah, yeah...I know some of you are going to say that babies do actually tell you what they need through their cries and while I do believe that's true, I don't think it's very easy to figure out still. Yes, you sort of learn their cries, but it's much easier (and infinitely less stressful) having a toddler who can't point to what they want or walk over and show you.
  • They can walk on their own 7 of 13
    I'll admit...I still have to carry Fern pretty often, because she's prone to wander, but it's SO nice to have the option to just hold her hand and let her walk sometimes. It gives my poor arms a much needed break!
  • They entertain themselves 8 of 13
    Babies are pretty needy - that's just the way it goes - and while it's sweet to be needed it gets old after awhile and when you have a massive pile of dishes in the sink. Toddlers are pretty great at finding ways to entertain themselves and I love that Fern will sit with a pile of books for a half hour at a time now so I can actually get things done. So nice.
  • They find joy in everything 9 of 13
    The joy of a toddler is unmatched. The pure elation that spreads across their face when trying something new that they find delight in is truly priceless.
  • The clothes are way cuter 10 of 13
    Baby clothes are often SO pink or SO blue. Toddlers have a lot more fun options and I'm loving shopping in the toddler section.
  • They can help out 11 of 13
    Toddlers love to help out and I love letting Fern do it. She will throw things away in the garbage for me, bring me things, help me put away the groceries. Yes, it makes things take a little longer, but it's so nice having a little helper and it makes them feel so proud too.
  • You can do their hair 12 of 13
    Tiny pigtails on a little girl or a little combover on a toddler boy? So fun!
  • They’re so sweet 13 of 13
    Babies are inherently sweet just in being babies, but toddlers are intentionally sweet. Seeing them nurture their favorite stuffed animals or walking over to give you a hug. It's enough to make a mama melt.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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