12 Teacher Appreciation Gifts for Preschool and Daycare

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up fast!

My son’s teachers keep him for nine hours each weekday and are such an important part of his life and our family – they are the ones I trust his education and upbringing to while I am at work. I always want them to know how appreciated and special they are to us, how much we trust them and care for them and love them for loving our boy.

Last year we were new to the whole daycare and preschool thing, so the week took me completely by surprise. I didn’t really know Harrison’s teachers yet, so I handed them a giftcard and candy bar. I know, it was lame especially in the era of Pinterest. This year, I’m determined to do better. I know when the week is (step one!) and I know what the teachers like (step two!) and how much they work (the most important step!). Here’s a few ideas I’ve been playing around with — now to decide whether to do five small things throughout the week or one big gift!

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    Click through for twelve easy and affordable preschool teacher gifts!
  • Hot & cold comfort sacks 2 of 13
    I have some of these at home and LOVE them - they're perfect for the end of a hard day when aches and pains hit. Heat them in the microwave or cool them in the fridge. Seriously, what preschool teacher wouldn't need a cold pack for a headache?
    Source: Skip to My Lou
  • Thanks a Latte! 3 of 13
    This one is so popular on Pinterest, but preschool teachers need their coffee to keep up with the small ones! They also don't make nearly enough money, so this might be quite a treat for her to splurge!
    Source: eighteen25 blog
  • Manicure set 4 of 13
    Such a cute idea to encourage the teacher to pamper herself. Also really easy for the preschooler to help assemble!
    Source: cheerledkayley on Etsy
  • Summer relaxation kit 5 of 13
    Pure perfection, especially since Teacher Appreciation Week rolls around the end of spring when teachers have summer break on their minds!
    Source: Skip to My Lou
  • Sewing kit in a jar 6 of 13
    Is the teacher crafty? Having this handy go-to for quick sewing supplies is sweet and functional! (especially after she loses a button with all those toddlers pulling on her!)
    Source: Funkytime
  • Greener grass 7 of 13
    Even better - have your preschooler paint the pot!
    Source: eighteen25 blog
  • Mug wrap 8 of 13
    Okay, so you can buy this one (figured some of us aren't so crafty!). Pop in a gift card with it and it's the perfect little treat without spending a lot of dough.
    Source: LiamLane on Etsy for $5.00
  • Quench your thirst 9 of 13
    Just a BPA-free water bottle and some flavored sprinkles! Easy to pick up on your weekly trip to the store, five minutes to assemble. You're good to go!
    Source: angbrimwil's blog
  • Subway art 10 of 13
    Sweetness for the home or classroom. Snag a frame at Ikea or Target and use the free printable - easy and cheap!
    Source: eighteen25 blog
  • Teachers Plant the Seeds 11 of 13
    Another sweet garden idea. (but again, have your preschooler paint the pot!)
    Source: Skip to My Lou
  • Peppermint sugar scrub 12 of 13
    Peppermint's a little Christmas-y, but I bet you can infuse it with different scents. Feel like splurging? Toss in a spa gift card with it!
    Source: Folk Lifestyle
  • DIY recipe book 13 of 13
    This one takes a little more work, but it is a sweet thought. Pen in your own favorite family recipes so that she'll have a way to remember your kid!
    Source: The 36th Avenue


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