12 Tips from Moms on How To Fly with Toddlers

Do you fret flying with toddlers?

A sweet friend of mine is taking her 2 toddlers on a plane for the very first time. She recently let out a plea for mommy help wanting to know the best advice for surviving a flight with toddlers. Moms started pouring out valuable advice and words of wisdom. The advice was so great I thought I would share their tips of flying the friendly skies with little ones.

  • Tips for Flying with Toddlers 1 of 13

    Don't fret flying with your toddler! You can do this and these 12 tips will guide you to an easier flight!

  • Time of Flight 2 of 13

    Consider your toddlers schedule when booking flights. While we all know that flights don't always happen on schedule, possibly try flying during your toddlers nap time (or when they aren't SO energized!)

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  • Toddler Friendly Activities 3 of 13

    Find activities that your toddler will enjoy doing such as playing on an iPad (which remember, don't pull out until after take off! I can see the melt down my kid would have even if it was taken away for a short period of time.) Books and crayons are other good easy to pack and pull activities while flying.

  • Sippy Cup or Pacifier 4 of 13

    The cabin pressure during take off and landing can hurt little ears. Bring either a sippy cup or pacifier (if applicable) to help their ears.


  • Little Presents 5 of 13

    One mom suggested wrapping up several little gifts that are actually airplane activities to keep the mood cheerful.


  • Snacks 6 of 13

    Create snack bags that can easily be reached and passed for your little ones to munch on in flight. This will hopefully help curb that "i'm hungry" talk as well!


  • Pack Extra Clothes in Your Carry-on 7 of 13

    Vomit and spills happen. Be prepared!

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  • Prepare Your Kids for the Security Line 8 of 13

    The security line can be a scary place for little kids. Make sure to explain what it is and formulate a plan on the best way to get thru.  Have the older kids help when possible.

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  • Boarding 9 of 13

    If at all possible, try to either board first or board  last. This will make the experience of getting your kids settled in easier when you aren't waiting for someone or having someone wait for you.


  • Gate Check Your Stroller 10 of 13

    If you are taking a stroller, gate check it. This will allow your toddler to sit in the stroller as you make your way thru the airport and wait for your flight.

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  • Car Seat or Restraint 11 of 13

    Consider purchasing or borrowing a toddler airplane harness or possibly your car seat if it is suitable for air travel. Read more about this at

    The restraint above is available at Amazon, $69.95.

  • Bathroom Before Boarding 12 of 13

    Try your best to get your child to go to the bathroom before boarding. If your toddler wears a diaper, make sure to put a fresh one on before lift-off!

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  • Patience 13 of 13

    Just remember to keep your cool no matter what situation or scenario happens!


We’ve traveled with toddlers on planes many years ago, but haven’t with this set. With these tips I know we could make it – and you can too. Being prepared is the number 1 key.

Enjoy your trip!

What Tips for Flying with Toddlers Do You Have?

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