12 Awesome Toddler Beds That Might Keep Your Toddler in Bed

The time has finally come. At two and a half, we are ready to transition Mazzy from a crib to a bed.

Well, we’re not really ready, but we were told by our pediatrician— that’s what we are supposed to do. Especially since we have a new baby arriving in November and we don’t want Mazzy to think that the baby is here to steal her stuff.

One reason I am scared of a toddler bed, is that Mazzy has never tried to escape her crib at night once. She loves her crib. She sleeps with her hands and feet pressed up against the bars or practically hanging out between the slats. Plus, she refuses to use any kind of blanket or pillow, even in the winter.

On cold nights, I have snuck in to lie a blanket on top of her after she has fallen asleep, only to find it tossed to the ground in the morning.

For the life of me, I can’t imagine Mazzy sleeping in a toddler regular bed absent a blanket and pillow.

I also can’t imagine Mazzy willingly climbing into her bed and staying there when she has the freedom to get up and move about. I can just see the countless number of times, she will wander into our room and announce, “I’m awake!”

But on the positive side, Mazzy wakes up really early (before six most mornings) and screams for her father or me to take her out of her crib. Perhaps, if she can get out of bed of her own accord, we’ll get a few more precious hours of sleep?

Next step— teaching her to open the fridge, pour herself some milk and turn on the television.

Below are 12 of the coolest toddler beds I found on Pinterest— maybe one of them is compelling enough to make my daughter stay in it throughout the night.

  • Modern Built-in Bed 1 of 12
    How cool is this modern bed built-in to the wall? With modular playspaces above.
    Found on ebers architekten
  • Toddler Boat Bed 2 of 12
    Have a kid who loves the ocean? Give him something to dream about with this nautical option.
    Found on KidKraft
  • DIY Wood Pallet Bed 3 of 12
    You can find the full tutorial on how to create this adorable toddler bed with free wood pallets by clicking on the link below. Just tell your kid to watch out for splinters!
    Found on Lori Danelle
  • The Lifetime Treehouse Bed 4 of 12
    I'm not sure how old a child should be before you suspend them above the floor, but what kid wouldn't want to go to sleep in this thing?
    Found on Kid's Rooms
  • Old Fashioned Teepee 5 of 12
    Maybe this wouldn't be your toddler's every day bed. But it makes a fun alternative.
    Found on Mini & Maximus
  • Wrought Iron Bed 6 of 12
    With all the modern options out there, this wrought iron bed is a beautiful addition to a girlie room.
    Found on Hanna's Room
  • Moon Bed 7 of 12
    This bed seems too dangerous for a baby and too small for a toddler, but pretty awesome regardless.
    Found on Home Edit
  • Chuckwagon Bed 8 of 12
    Most toddlers would love this bed— but at $15,900 I can't think of one parent who would buy it.
    Found on Posh Tots
  • DIY Door Bed 9 of 12
    Have an extra door lying around? Transition you toddler from their crib while also giving them a lesson in up cycling.
    Found on My Repurpsed Life
  • Barn Loft Bed 10 of 12
    Again, not sure how old a kid must be to be elevated off the floor, but I am loving all the space to store toys underneath!
    Found on Tumblr
  • Bed Frame 11 of 12
    Anybody have a minimalist toddler? This is a great way to top off a floor mat.
    Found on Jenni Juurinen
  • Nest Bed 12 of 12
    Forget toddlers. I want to sleep in there!
    Found on Dreaming Decors


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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