12 Toddlers Who Are Cooler Than You

I have been trying to be cool my whole life with not much success. I might have achieved it briefly in my late twenties, only to meet a man, get married and have a child. Coolness flew officially out the window.

My daughter, however, appears to have picked it up in just two short years.

She’s got confidence, swagger and a wardrobe that, while nothing particularly special on the hanger, looks like a million bucks once pulled over her scrawny little frame— BABY GUT BE DAMNED.

The girl puts my sense of style to shame. But maybe that’s not that hard…

Below are twelve more trendsetting toddlers who are already way cooler than I’ll ever be.

Pay attention— you could probably learn a fashion lesson yourself.

  • Gavin 1 of 12
    There are very few people in the world that can rock red sunglasses.
    Photo submitted by Little Miss Party
  • Baby K 2 of 12
    Baby K
    Baby K's style is so progressive, I don't even have a name for it.
    Photo submitted by The Miss Elaine-ous Life
  • Charlie 3 of 12
    I call this look: New Age Hypno-Toddler
  • Ella 4 of 12
    Daringly short bangs with a sixties-esque summer pants suit. Don't even attempt to pull this look off.
  • Brodie 5 of 12
    If Brodie says, "Popped collars are making a comeback", I believe him.
  • Astrid 6 of 12
    Working layers better than Kurt Cobain in the '90s.
    Photo submitted by Sellabit Mum
  • Ilius 7 of 12
    I bet Ilius could walk into any club in the city without getting carded.
  • Stella 8 of 12
    Stella shows off effortless toddler-chic. It's like she's not even trying!
  • image-301 9 of 12
    Sunglasses, skinny jeans, lightening bolt— check, check, and CHECK.
  • Addie 10 of 12
    This girl knows the importance of a killer accessory.
    Photo submitted by Moosh in Indy
  • Jake 11 of 12
    Jake takes 'toddler's day off' to a whole new level of PREP.
  • Mazzy 12 of 12
    Mazzy rocks her belly like none other and wears rain boots— JUST BECAUSE.
    Photo submitted byMommy Shorts

Thanks to everyone who submitted photos on my facebook fanpage!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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