12 Vintage Toys I Want For My Toddlers

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Toys have changed so drastically, just in the past 20 years.  I can remember so many cool things I played with in the 80’s and 90’s as I was growing up, and I have to admit looking back I think they were really the coolest toys out there.

I mean seriously treasure trolls?  Strawberry Shortcake?  Alphie!   It didn’t get any better. And we were never bored either!

But kids today have a whole different expectation of toys. It is all about electronics, even for toddlers today… remember my smart phone post?  Yeah!  Kids want technology even as toddlers!

While there is a time and place for certain toys… like electronics I wish there were some of the awesome toys we had as kids for our kids to play with.  While I am not positive they would really entertain our new generation the way they entertained us, I could certainly hope it would at least work with my own kids!

Now I am on the hunt for old vintage toys that I can get for my own kids.  And kind of for myself so I can re-live my own toddler years along with them!

What were your favorite toys when you were a toddler?

  • Serendipity Books 1 of 12
    Serendipity Books
    I loved Serendipity books growing up. A little more than most, because they actually give good life lessons! I am on a mission to find these for my own kids!
  • Treasure Trolls 2 of 12
    Treasure Trolls
    Remember these? Treasure trolls were a good two years of my life as a little girl... seriously! Now if I could only think of these colorful characters when someone uses the word troll!
  • Zoobilee Zoo 3 of 12
    Zoobilee Zoo
    I am surprised I wasn't scared of this show when I was a kid because man... how scary are the characters?? I am not sure if my kids would love or hate them, but I can say I miss the show!
  • Cherry Merry Muffin 4 of 12
    Cherry Merry Muffin
    You know you girls remember these too! I loved Cherry Merry Muffin! We had these dolls all over my house as a kid! Those are one of the deadly toys my mom would step on in the middle of the night too!
  • Fisher Price Cash Register 5 of 12
    Fisher Price Cash Register
    This is really getting vintage! Released in 1974, we had one in our house even though I was an 80's baby. I think it was my sisters... But I loved it... They don't make toys like they used to!
  • The Heart Family Dolls 6 of 12
    The Heart Family Dolls
    They were like Barbies... but instead of being all blonde, they actually had brunettes which I always wanted since I had brown hair! Did you have these?
  • Slip N’ Slide 7 of 12
    Slip N' Slide
    Also known as an injury waiting to happen. You can't say with a straight face you EVER played on a slip and slide and never got hurt!
  • Popple’s! 8 of 12
    Remember these things? I had a good dozen of them!
  • McDonald’s McNugget Figures 9 of 12
    McDonald's McNugget Figures
    Ever get these in a happy meal? My aunt actually collected them all for years and I was a small child jealous of her collection. Unreal right?
  • Kid Sister! 10 of 12
    Kid Sister!
    I had one of these... and I literally took it EVERYWHERE with me! I never had any younger siblings, and my siblings were so much older than I was, so it was the closest I had!
  • Fisher Price TV 11 of 12
    Fisher Price TV
    While it was a product of the 1960's we had one in our house, and I loved it! Did you have one?
  • Fisher Price Record Player 12 of 12
    Fisher Price Record Player
    I wish I could get my hands on one of these today! They played all different kinds of "records" it was amazing!


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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