13 Fun and Practical Toddler Play Room Ideas

Growing up, my brothers and sister and I always had a playroom.  (I’m talking a lot about my chidlhood these days, no? I think it’s a nice thing.)  It was the room above the garage in both the houses I lived in as a girl and it was our place to escape. My dollhouse was there, mixed in with bins of Legos and GI Joes. We kept our pet hamster in his cage there and he’d run on his wheel while we tried to get to Darkland in Super Mario Brothers. We’d disappear after homework and chores to play together and I think of all the Saturday mornings that we built forts. I think my mother loved it because we were mostly out of her hair, in the house where she could hear us and keep an eye on us, but we weren’t pestering her. We were just happy to play in our space.

When we bought our new house, I was determined to have a space that we could dedicate to our son’s playtime. I wish it was a separated space like mine growing up, but his is right off our kitchen. It’s actually really perfect because he can play while I cook or have a glass of wine and pay bills, so I don’t mind even though it’s BAM! right there when you come over.

I’m thinking about decorating and here are the things I’m really digging for his playroom:

  • Chalkboard table 1 of 13
    I love the idea of a place where he can sit and draw or keep score of games with chalk. It would just take snagging an old table at a thrift store and giving it a quick coat of paint!
    Find here: Better Homes & Gardens
  • A little house 2 of 13
    Tea, anyone? I secretly dream of an indoor playhouse for a little girl. It would have been something I would have loved!
    Find here: Ashley Ann Photography
  • Fishbowl for a fish 3 of 13
    So funny, so quirky, and a great way to keep a wee pet!
    Find here: Apartment Therapy
  • Interactive Wall Map 4 of 13
    This is just too cool as a way to learn about animals, continents, oceans, etc.
    Find here: Design Sponge
  • A stage of her own 5 of 13
    Pretty sure we're going to have to make this. I adore the dress-up clothes beside it, too.
    Find here: Liz Carroll Interiors
  • Lego Table 6 of 13
    A small Lack table from Ikea and some glue! This is such an easy DIY that will help keep Legos out from under your feet.
    Find here: Meet the Dubiens
  • Whimsy Sky Kids Rug by Momeni Lil’ Mo 7 of 13
    I swoon over this rug. I love the color aqua, but it's so whimsical and fun without being expected.
    Buy here: Wayfair for $59.00-$699.00
  • Matchbox collage 8 of 13
    For us, it would definitely be cars. But it could be any treasure that your child holds dear.
    Find here: Wipkits Blog/a>
  • Playroom Rules 9 of 13
  • Canvas puppet show 10 of 13
    Canvas, hinges, and a little sewing makes this an easy DIY project. My kid loves playing with puppets at school, so having this at home would be great - it just folds up for when it's not in use!
    Find here: Ariadne at Home
  • Dachshund lamp 11 of 13
    This is just plain ol' fun. Not sure if it's more of a night light, though...
    Buy here: Urban Outfitters for $79.00
  • Brag Board 12 of 13
    There's a ton of different styles floating around the internet, but I like the idea of temporarily displaying artwork.
    Find here: Someday Crafts blog
  • P’Kolino Tree Table 13 of 13
    So cute for coloring, crafts, snack time, etc.
    Find here: Casa.com


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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