13 Fun and Whimsical Toddler Lunch Boxes


I think I should just officially call this LUNCHBOX WEEK!

First, I talked about the different kinds of lunches I pack and the process behind it. Because there is totally a process and you folks who aren’t packing yet…JUST YE WAIT UNTIL KINDERGARTEN. I know, the dreaded “just wait” card. I pulled it.

Anywho. Half of the battle of packing a lunch is finding a lunchbox that a) your toddler loves and b) doesn’t make you want to stab yourself in the eye with a fork every morning before 8 AM. Because while your toddler may LOOOOVE Dora, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to be staring Dora in the face before you’ve consumed your first cup of coffee.

Instead, here are 13 really fun and toddler-sweet lunchboxes that both you and your kiddo will love. (The only character is Curious George, and it’s vintage-ish!)

  • Skip Hop Zoo Lunchies 1 of 13
    This is the lunchbox my son uses. We LOVE it because it's cute and bright-colored, but full insulated.
    Buy here: Amazon for $11.05
  • Beatrix New York 2 of 13
    This little whale simply stole my heart. How sweet is he?
    Buy here: Amazonfor $33.99
  • Thermos Dump Truck lunch box 3 of 13
    Basically every toddler boy's dream. It's a dump truck and a lunch box and it's just. so. cool.
    Buy here: Amazon for $17.95
  • Wildkin Olive Kids Mermaid Lunch Box 4 of 13
    These little mermaids are just so pretty and sweet!
    Buy here: Amazon for $14.49
  • Carmen Cat lunch box 5 of 13
    Carmen the Cat unfolds to make a "blanket" for food! This way the toddler's food doesn't touch the dirty table!
    Buy here: Amazon for $12.45
  • British Invasion Dabbawalla Lunch Bag 6 of 13
    This Union Jack is crazy-cool. Two interior pockets and machine washable makes this a toddler-friendly bag.
    Buy here: Amazon for $28.98
  • Retro Curious George 7 of 13
    Going back old school! This tin lunchbox creates that perfect rattle of lunch inside.
    Buy here: Amazon for $12.99
  • Thermos Firetruck Soft lunch box 8 of 13
    Toddler dream version 2.0! For the future fireman!
    Buy here: Amazon for $12.07
  • Kids Konserve Lunch Sack 9 of 13
    Modern, cool, and completely non-gimmicky. Momma could snag this one for her own lunch!
    Buy here: Amazon for $16.16
  • BUILT Big Apple Buddies Pink Owl lunch box 10 of 13
    Fully insulated but not so big, this is perfect for a toddler's little back pack and hands.
    Buy here: Amazon for $16.39
  • Skip Hop Zoo Lunchies 11 of 13
    Meow! Another cute Skip Hop bag. I'm also partial to the giraffe.
    Buy here: Amazon for $11.90
  • Thermos Scooby Doo Mystery Machine 12 of 13
    Because it's just plain ol' funny. Do kids even watch Scooby Doo anymore?
    Buy here: Amazon for $12.99
  • Stephen Joseph 13 of 13
    Stephen Joseph is a staple in the kid world. These are also really easy to get monogrammed (just as a tip!).
    Buy here: Amazon for $20.00

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