13 Great Kids Rain Boots

My toddler LOVES rain boots. As in she rarely wants to wear anything else. I’m pretty sure it all started with the fact that we were using them as outdoor shoes. Our backyard is pretty “forest-y” and as such rain boots are definitely appropriate footwear year round. During the summer whenever we went outside we would just quickly slip a pair of rain boots on my daughter’s tiny toddler feet. Very quickly she began to associate wearing her boots with going outside, so whenever she wanted to go somewhere she would say, “Boots on!” and it kind of stuck. Now she pretty much requests to wear her rain boots every day and I don’t mind, because they are the only shoes she can put on by herself and it doesn’t matter if she gets them dirty.

I thought I would round up a few of my favorite kids rain boots at a variety of price points. Honestly, some of these are a bit pricey (the most expensive pair is $77.00), but with how often my daughter wears rain boots I can understand the investment now. That said, there are also some great inexpensive options, because little feet grow so fast – something for everyone. Also, some of these come in extra small sizes for tiny toddler feet (I think some of them may start at a size 2!) because it really is difficult to find rain boots in sizes smaller than a 5 and I struggled with this while looking for rain boots for my size 4 girl.

Check ’em out!

  • Gap Blue Galaxy Rain Boots 1 of 13
    13 Great Kids Rain Boots

    My daughter has these rain boots and I love them. They're a little lower than some, but it makes them easier for her to walk around in. I also like that they have more of a shoe look to them since she wants to wear rain boots every single day of her life, it's nice to have a pair that looks a little less rain boot like. These are from the boy's section, but I think they're great for boys or girls.

    Purchase for $39.95 from Gap


  • Hunter ‘Kids First Rain Boot’ 2 of 13
    13 Great Kids Rain Boots

    Hunters are the quintessential rain boot. My daughter has the taller version of these with the adjustable buckle on the side in this very same color...although hers were thrifted for a mere $3 at a rummage sale. Score! Hunter green Hunter boots = rainy day perfection. They also come in a rainbow of colors though in case a pink or metallic pair is more your thing.

    Purchase for $50.00 from Nordstrom

  • Joules Baby Girl Welly in Ruby Floral 3 of 13
    13 Great Kids Rain Boots

    I really like this pair because they come in a pretty girl's print, without being overly babyish. I also like that the color scheme is unique. The boots may be pink, but the navy and green accents would help them blend with other items in a wardrobe.

    Purchase for £19.95  from Joules

  • Toddler’s Chore Rain Boot 4 of 13
    13 Great Kids Rain Boots

    I'm not typically a Walmart shopper. Actually, the last time I was at a Walmart was almost 10 years ago. That said, these boots are kind of awesome. My friend swears by them for her son and it doesn't get more classic than a red soled, black rain boot. The price can't be beat and they have a little bit narrower calf area that might help them stay on a bit better for littles with extra thin legs.

    Purchase for $15.00 from Walmart

  • Aigle "Perdrix" Rain Boot 5 of 13
    13 Great Kids Rain Boots

    I like the shape of these rain boots and the unexpected olive green color. I also like that the calf of the boot looks plenty wide for little ones with muscular calves like my girls'. Also, Aigle is one of the few companies that makes rain boots in sizes smaller than 5!

    Purchase for $69.00 from Aigle


  • Hatley "Bears At Work" Kids Rain Boots 6 of 13
    13 Great Kids Rain Boots

    I'm a sucker for Hatley's cute bear prints and these rain boots are no exception.

    Purchase for $39.00 from Hatley

  • Western Chief "Classic" Rain Boot 7 of 13
    13 Great Kids Rain Boots

    Western chief is a classic name for kids rain boots and these ones are in a great classic color scheme. I really like the handles on these boots to help little ones pull them on. Also, they price is much cheaper than some of the other rain boot options out there.

    Purchase for $24.95 from Nordstrom

  • Tretorn Kids Optimist Winter Rain Boot 8 of 13
    13 Great Kids Rain Boots

    The fact that these have a drawstring to keep water from going into the boot is brilliant, because despite the fact that my daughter always wears rain boots, she also gets puddle jumping water in said boots. This would solve that problem perfectly!

    Purchase for $38.99 from 6PM.com

  • Toddler Boys Dinosaur Rain Boot 9 of 13
    13 Great Kids Rain Boots

    I'm also kind of a sucker for dinosaur prints - these are fun!

    Purchase for $19.99 from Target


  • Kamik Kids Stomp Boot 10 of 13
    13 Great Kids Rain Boots

     Kamik is another rain boot brand that carries tiny sizes. I like the idea of navy rain boots, because they are a great go-with-anything neutral. I also like that they can be passed between multiple siblings - girls OR boys!

    Purchase for $29.50 from Piperlime

  • Toddler Girls Cherokee Uta Rain Boot in Navy Dot 11 of 13
    13 Great Kids Rain Boots

    Not gonna lie...I'm not a big fan of the big, red, ribbon bow in these boots, so I would probably take it out, but otherwise the boots are great and look super easy to put on.

    Purchase for $22.99 from Target

  • Bogs "Classic High" Waterproof Boot 12 of 13
    13 Great Kids Rain Boots

    You can't go wrong with a black rain boot and the stretchy upper calf part of these seem like they would be comfy and insulating for cold days.

    Purchase for $77.95 from Nordstrom


  • Joules Baby Girl Welly in Candy Pony 13 of 13
    13 Great Kids Rain Boots

    What little girl wouldn't want her feet to be dressed up in pink ponies? Pretty sure my inner child wants these.

    Purchase for £19.95 from Joules

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