13 Inner Thoughts of a Toddler Going Through Potty Training

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Image Source: Thinkstock

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Toddlers are just verbal enough to tell us what they don’t want: no broccoli, no hugs from the local football team’s huge mascot, no bedtime. But their inner thoughts are a mystery all wrapped up in an adorable, dirt-streaked exterior. And this is especially true when it comes to potty training.

Here’s a list of the many thoughts running through your toddler’s mind during those harrowing months.

1. What is this shiny, white thing full of water?

It’s fascinating! And look, the water goes round … and round … and round … and … whoa. Getting dizzy here.

2. Hmmm. Look at this soft, white stuff.

I’ll just take a piece. Wait a second. I’m pulling it off and it’s still going. Still going. It’s never going to end! 

Let’s take it for a spin down the hallway.

Yayyyyy — white ribbon day! 

This is the BEST DAY EVER!

Wait, what? I don’t get to keep the white ribbon? Parents are never any fun.

3. OK, I’m ready to read all about this squishy-looking pink kid and his magical white throne.

A potty, you say? For pee? This whole thing sounds suspect.

4. Shiny stickers for peeing? OK, then. I’ll try it!

I’ll just sit on this thing.

Pee. Pee. C’mon pee. 

There’s no pee today.

But I still need some of that sparkly goodness. Just one? Please? No, really?


5. That wet spot on the floor over there? No, it wasn’t me.

It must’ve been the dog. He’s always eating my Cheerios — it’s time for him to repay the favor and take on some blame in this house.

Come to think of it, it was the dog who drew on the wall with the blue crayon yesterday.

6. OK, round two. I’m back for potty time. This time, I’ll get some stickers.

Where is that pee? Is it under my belly button? If I push my stomach, will it come out?

Man, nothing works.

The pee’s just stuck in there.

7. The dog pees outside, why can’t I?

I’ll just drop my drawers right here. Ugh, OK, I’m pulling my pants up. Parents are the worst.

8. My pants aren’t wet. Oh, that? It’s water.

Water! I’ve never peed my pants in my life. At least not today. OK, at least not in the last two minutes.

9. Round three! Now I’ve got a funny feeling.

Go, go, go to the bathroom, Kid.

I made it!

And there’s the pee inside the potty!


And now a sparkly sticker! It’s a giraffe! YES!

10. Oh, that smell? No, it’s not me.

You must’ve mistaken me for someone else who pooped his pants. Go check Dad.

11. Where does all this pee come from, anyway?

Inside my body? I thought it was just string cheese and bananas and a little red heart in there.

This is kind of freaking me out.

What else haven’t they told me???



13.So peeing in the potty makes me a big kid??

Big kids get to eat ice cream, ride carousels, and blow bubbles. Big kids get to wear striped-yellow underwear.

OK, Big Kid. It’s time.

Let’s do this potty thing.

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