13 Signs That You Are an OK Mom and Why Thats OK

I accept the fact that I won’t win mother of the year.  I am an OKAY mom. Being okay with being okay has taken time. It’s taken me 4 kids, 10 years, lots of unnecessary dollars spent, but it’s good to just accept being not perfect and not trying to be.

When I had my first child, I didn’t want to screw her up. Everything had to be in order. The floor had to be clean so she wouldn’t get sick. Her binky would be sanitized in hot water after touching the ground. Her birthday parties were over the top, so was Christmas. Halloween was a huge ordeal, making sure the costume was perfect and so were the pictures. Oh the PICTURES! We spent so much on professional pictures, so worth it – wait? was it? Was any of it.

Baby 2 rolled around, I bought a DSLR camera and professional photos went out the window. 5 years later, baby 3 arrived and birthday parties were just for family and close friends.  And finally Baby 4 arrived.  With 2 tweens and 2 toddlers, we are now just in survival mode and I am okay with being okay. I am an okay mom. Are you?

  • OK Mom 1 of 14

    I am an OK mom and am TOTALLY OK with it. Check out these 13 signs that you are an OK Mom. 

  • 5 Alarms Set 2 of 14

    4 to wake up. 1 we have to leave by. People, this way when I hit SNOOZE, at least I'll have another alarm hit me in the interim. *sigh*

  • Calendar is Wrong 3 of 14

    I glanced at my calendar and did a double take. CRAP! It's no longer September, by 10 days it's October. WHOOPS.

  • Mom Mobile 4 of 14

    Before we had our fourth child, I talked my husband into a new SUV. Fast forward 2 years, and the vehicle I used to not let anyone bring anything into is now littered with everything from kid art to bubbles. 

  • Dirty Dishes 5 of 14

    Believe it or not, I did 2 loads of dishes today. Tonight, I walk into the kitchen and WHAM. More dishes. It's endless, and these can totally wait until tomorrow's first load. 

  • Family Wall 6 of 14

    When we walked into this house for the first time, I saw this great hall leading to our bedroom. I knew that it would be the family wall where all our kids photos would be. I'd find a photo wall idea that I would love and go for it! The fun layout never happened and uhm, I quickly realized that the only real photo I have of our fourth kid is of him in my belly - before I even knew I was pregnant with him. (See far left photo)


  • Homework 7 of 14

    Homework is my enemy. While it's hard enough having 2 elementary kids in a charter school with tons of homework, the toddlers Bible class wants them to memorize Bible verses. SAY WHAT?

    Genesis 1:1 is about as far as I got in the memorization of Bible verses. 

  • Laundry 8 of 14

    The endless loads of laundry that litter every area of my house. I hate you laundry.

  • Attempt at Meal Planning 9 of 14

    I had this FABULOUS idea that I would put all of the meals we can make on post-it notes and then put them on the laundry room door that leads into the kitchen. Then whenever I needed a meal idea, I'd just go pull off a post it note. Sounds BRILLIANT, right? Well folks - I did this over a month ago and completely forgot about it for 2 weeks and now, I think most of the groceries for these are gone. Meal planning maybe doesn't work for me. I tried.

  • Mess 10 of 14

    One of my dearest friends bought this sign for me. She knows me too well and every night when I walk up the stairs to tuck the kids in, I see the game room, which is a mess. Then I see this sign.

    Pardon the mess, my children are making memories. 

    Memories of their mom who hates to clean, I'm sure.

  • Frozen Pancakes 11 of 14

    Eggo frozen mini pancakes FTW! While I do make something that is freezable like breakfast burritos, or a batch of muffins on Sunday evening - those only last a few days in this house. Eggo, I love you and my older kids can make you. 

  • Paper Plates 12 of 14

    Before our third child arrived, I found a killer deal on a plate set. I knew our family was growing, so I bought 4 boxes - which in all equaled 32 sets of plates/bowls/mugs. Today, we have MAYBE 8 sets left. Dear green people of the Earth, forgive me but for the next few years, this house will use paper plates. As soon as I can return to using plates that aren't broken or thrown away (see those yellow plates, I had 6 of those!) - I will totally be green with you. Thanks in advance...

  • Emergency Target Trips 13 of 14

    Emergency Target trips are a frequent thing around these parts. Sometimes it's for Vicks because a kid has a bad cough, other times the $200 worth of groceries didn't buy ENOUGH of something and then sometimes there are the "mommy needs a break" trips. Target, I LOVE you and I totally need to buy stock in your company. 

  • Walmart Baths 14 of 14

    See the above wipes? These also work to make your kid instantly clean. Dirt on the knee and the kid needs a nap? No way am I going to throw a sleepy kid in the bathtub, I'll just give him what we refer to as a Walmart bath. Quick, simple and the kid isn't totally dirty. 

My days of judging other moms is over. I am that mom that I judged. Us moms have to stick together and understand how every mom does this parenting thing, it’s their way of surviving it. 

My kids are happy, healthy and thriving.   Sure, they may not have 2 shoes on that match and occasionally may go 3 days between baths – but we are making this work.  They are OK and I am OK.

Now the therapy they will need years from now, that’s another story (kidding!). 

Embrace the OK. It’s worth it, I pinky swear.

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