13 Things That Don't Make You a Bad Parent

Let’s get real, parenting is a matter of survival.

We all want the same thing: to raise kind, responsible adults who won’t blame us for everything in therapy (or maybe that’s just me?).

Parenting is all about practicality; it has to be.

I propose we abandon the guilt, give ourselves a big ol’ hug and realize this is the stuff we all do. To pretend otherwise is just lying to ourselves.

It’s time to come clean. Guilt be gone!

  • Daycare 1 of 13
    For many working parents, daycare is a necessity. Whether or not daycare was your first choice, try to relax. While you're busy feeling guilty, your child is busy making friends and learning.
  • Keeping your toddler waiting 2 of 13
    Keeping your toddler waiting
    Toddlers want what they want when they want it. The good news is that a little waiting never hurt anybody. All we need is just a little patience.
  • Working 3 of 13
    Hey, we do what we have to do and sometimes that means both parents work hard for the money. Your child may not understand the reasons why you need to work, but you do. Do what's best for your family and don't look back.
  • Skipping a bath 4 of 13
    Skipping a bath
    There are days when your child doesn't leave the house… and then there are days when a bath just doesn't work out. Don't fret! Unless your child has been rolling around in the mud (hey, don't put it past 'em), skipping a bath is no big deal.
  • A little bribery 5 of 13
    A little bribery
    OK, so bribing sounds bad but we all do it. Used sparingly, bribing is a super effective tool. Afraid of starting a bad habit? We all are. Reserve bribing for desperate situations.
  • Making them want 6 of 13
    Making them want
    Growing up, my dad always said, "It's good to want." You know what? It is.
  • Erasing your kid’s shows off the DVR to make room for your own 7 of 13
    Erasing your kid's shows off the DVR to make room for your own
    I'm all for sharing DVR space so long as it doesn't get in the way of my Bravo programming. The minute space gets low, goodbye Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!
  • White Lies 8 of 13
    White Lies
    We all tell 'em. Oh, come on now!
  • TV 9 of 13
    Everybody calm down. A little TV won't rot a young mind. Besides, sometimes a parent needs to make a quiet phone call. You survived TV and so will your kids.
  • Candy 10 of 13
    Unless there is a medical reason why your child shouldn't have candy; relax! A little candy is the sweetest part of childhood!
  • Going on a date night 11 of 13
    Going on a date night
    Sneak away even if only to eat a warm meal or make out in the back of your minivan. Keep the spark alive!
  • Stealing Halloween candy for yourself 12 of 13
    Stealing Halloween candy for yourself
    Guilty as charged! Do I spy fun-size Snickers? Get in mah belly!
  • Giving in (sometimes) 13 of 13
    Giving in (sometimes)
    I wouldn't make a habit out of it, but giving in can be loads of naughty fun for your children. Make sure your kids know giving in was your idea and that it's all kinds of special...otherwise they'll think they've won.

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