14 Laughs for Friday

It is Friday!

For some of us it is also the first Friday of summer vacation and we are grasping onto straws to keep our sanity around the kids!

Don’t worry if you are having a rough time with the transition; I think we all are wishing school could be twelve months out of the year by now.

For me, it hasn’t been all that bad, but I was thankful when my mother was a saint and took my oldest son for a sleepover. Within the first two official hours of summer vacation, the boys were fighting .

Thankfully since his return yesterday they have all seemed to calm down a bit.

Addison is working on her walking skills, Ben is officially starting the potty training process and I have stored all of these cards to help get through the stress.

Lets be serious though, who doesn’t need a good laugh by Friday?

Happy Friday!


  • Broken Glass 1 of 14
    Broken Glass
    By the time you have made it to your third child, your guard is certainly down. I had to laugh at this!
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  • Lack of Naps 2 of 14
    Lack of Naps
    This recently started in our house, and when I saw it flash into my news feed on Facebook recently, I could totally relate.
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  • Your Mom 3 of 14
    Your Mom
    We all have gone there! You either laugh hysterically at it, or have a complete nervous breakdown.
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  • Toddler Vulgarity 4 of 14
    Toddler Vulgarity
    I can't even tell you how much I am on edge for my toddler throwing down an inappropriate word in public.
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  • The Target Trap 5 of 14
    The Target Trap
    Between this, and spending on obscene amount of money on stuff you absolutely don't need!
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  • Middle Name 6 of 14
    Middle Name
    When I heard Danielle ANN when I was little I knew I was screwed. I hope I can instill that kind of thinking in my own kids. Although I have yet to use it on any of the kids.
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  • Do I Know You? 7 of 14
    Do I Know You?
    There have been times I really wished I could pretend I don't know my kids!
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  • Birth Control 8 of 14
    Birth Control
    I made this for one of my friends a couple weeks back because I swear my kids are thee best form of birth control.
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  • So Long Fertilty 9 of 14
    So Long Fertilty
    No more kids in our house, and if you are like me and skipping the expanding family, you may get a good laugh out of this one.
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  • But I Don’t Wanna Share! 10 of 14
    But I Don't Wanna Share!
    We have all been there! Whether it is a candy bar or just our damn dinner!
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  • Payback 11 of 14
    Embarrassment is the best revenge as a parent. Believe me, my parents did it to me!
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  • Nick Jr. 12 of 14
    Nick Jr.
    I know I can't be the only oblivious one who keeps on crappy kids cartoons much longer than they should. Kids in bed? Yup... why am I still watching Dora?
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  • They Look Homeless! 13 of 14
    They Look Homeless!
    As soon as my kids head in the house for the day, they invade their closet putting on the only outfit I would never allow them to wear in public. It never fails!
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  • To-Do List 14 of 14
    To-Do List
    And this is exactly what I feel like come Friday. Unfortunately the laundry doesn't offer a rain check!
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