15 Awesome Etsy Accents For Your Toddler's Room!

Something for all toddlers!

There is nothing more fun than decorating a fun bedroom for your toddler — at least it has been for me! I secretly wish I could do more but my toddler is obsessed with the movie Cars and fire trucks, so it can be pretty limiting!

While searching out some specific Etsy needs for our home, I came across so many awesome accents for toddler rooms, from clocks to wall decor and everything in between.

I picked out a ton of the most neat items to share with you guys, because let’s all be serious here — who doesn’t love a post with all kind of cute Etsy stuff we can blow money on, right?

A lot of the stuff also looks really easy to make if you are crafty (unlike me).  I certainly tried to make some crafty stuff for each of my kids when I was pregnant with them, but I typically fail pretty miserably.

If you have any favorite Etsy shops or even own one yourself, be sure to link below for everyone else to check out!

  • Hand Painted Cupcake Clock 1 of 15
    Hand Painted Cupcake Clock
    Have a little girl? I absolutely love this clock for a sweets themed bedroom! I also love the idea of having a clock in your toddler's bedroom to help them learn about time from an early age!
    Buy on Etsy here!
  • Childrens Table and Chairs Set 2 of 15
    Childrens Table and Chairs Set
    I adore this hand-painted set! If you have enough room for this little table and chairs in their bedroom, it is a great addition for something like art time or a play tea party!
    Buy on Etsy here!
  • Lego-Inspired Picture Frame 3 of 15
    Lego-Inspired Picture Frame
    This is such a neat idea, not just because kids love Legos, but because I love the idea of lots of photos and picture frames in kids rooms. It makes for a great accent on your toddler's night stand at bedtime!
    Buy on Etsy here!
  • Dr. Seuss Light Switch Cover 4 of 15
    Dr. Seuss Light Switch Cover
    This is a fun little accent that is not only cheap, but livens up the simplest and often plainest thing in their room!
    Buy on Etsy here!
  • Lego Filled Lamps 5 of 15
    Lego Filled Lamps
    How cool are these?! I am sure they are simple to make but seriously if your kid is a lego lover - these are a must have!
    Buy on Etsy here!
  • Wall Letters Idea 6 of 15
    Wall Letters Idea
    I can honestly say I have never seen decorative wall letters hung off of a coat rack before (I know I probably live under a rock). The great thing about this is that as your toddler grows, it can be re-purposed!
    Buy on Etsy here!
  • Nautical Growth Chart 7 of 15
    Nautical Growth Chart
    Growth charts are something I wish I would have purchased with my kids to document their changes. It was always something that slipped my mind trying to keep up with all their milestones.mThis is an adorable growth chart idea!
    Buy on Etsy here!
  • Custom Lampshades 8 of 15
    Custom Lampshades
    They come in all different shapes, patterns and sizes and they can be just enough to set their room apart from just another toddler room. I think this one is beautiful, but check out some of the others!
    Buy on Etsy here!
  • Flower Coat Hooks 9 of 15
    Flower Coat Hooks
    Another great option for coat hooks or hangers in your toddlers room! They are not only adorable but actually serve a purpose!
    Buy on Etsy here!
  • Framed Prints 10 of 15
    Framed Prints
    Nothing accents a bedroom better than framed prints. Find a saying that means something special to you and your family and make it decor!
    Buy on Etsy here!
  • Sticky Wall Art 11 of 15
    Sticky Wall Art
    Custom or not, these can be a really neat way to finish off your toddler's bedroom. You can personalize it or even make it so they feel like they are on an adventure!
    Buy on Etsy here!
  • Custom Dresser Knobs 12 of 15
    Custom Dresser Knobs
    I really think these go best on dressers that are older and re-finished for a new room, but of course they could also go on new furniture!
    Buy on Etsy here!
  • Book Shelves 13 of 15
    Book Shelves
    Nothing better to encourage than a reading obsession! I had to actually pack up all my own books and donate my book shelf to my kids since their collection was growing so quickly! I love this idea for mountable shelves on the wall!
    Buy on Etsy here!
  • Fun Accent Pillows 14 of 15
    Fun Accent Pillows
    Of course they don't need to sleep with them in their bed, but how cute are different accent pillows? They can even double as toys for your kids to play with!
    Buy on Etsy here!
  • Handmade Blocks 15 of 15
    Handmade Blocks
    For our daughter we have custom made ones with her name on them and they just fit so perfectly in her room. I am sure any toddler would love to have these to play with and stack!
    Buy on Etsy here!

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