15 Awesome Swingsets for Toddlers

swingsetsFor our son’s second Christmas when he was a little over a year old, his grandma and grandpa get him a swingset. We spent hours, so many hours, playing on it. We pushed him on the swing and he learned to conquer the slide and on hot summer days, we’d put his kiddie pool at the bottom of the slide so he could splash in.

But then when we sold our house, the buyers asked for that beloved swing set. We hemmed and hawed over it and eventually signed it over. We didn’t want the swingset to be the deal-breaker and Harry was already starting to “outgrow” the little slide. On moving day, it still stung to take down the infant swings and put back up the swings that came with the set. It just felt like we were saying goodbye to a piece of Harry’s babyhood.

When we moved into the new house, the first thing Harry did was ask for his swingset. Oh, how he cried when we told him it stayed at the old house. Oh, how we felt like the crappiest parents in the universe. But we needed to do a massive backyard renovation first to fix water drainage issues. Now that the drainage is fixed and spring is almost upon us, it’s time to get serious about swingsets.

Here are a few that I found and OH MY GOSH THEY ARE AWESOME and also really impractical. So I threw in ones that are serious contenders and despite my love for the Noah’s Ark, I think we found our winner!

  • Posh Tot’s Pirate Hideaway 1 of 15
    Ahoy! This one is incredible and any kid would have hours of fun. The only downside is the incredible price tag!
    Buy here: Posh Tots for $25,900.00
  • CedarWorks Frolic 2 of 15
    This is a great modern, sleek option for folks who don't have a ton of space or prefer clean lines.
    Find here: CedarWorks
  • CedarWorks Serendipity 3 of 15
    Then I died because this was my dream as a little girl. Sadly, I don't think we have enough space in our yard (or budget!) for this one.
    Find here: CedarWorks
  • Carolina Playsets Pirate Ship 4 of 15
    I am simply in love. The planks, the slide, the boat, the flags...it is perfection. (and local for me!)
    Find here: Carolina Playsets
  • CedarWorks Rhapsody 5 of 15
    For those of you up North with all the snow & winter weather, an indoor playground in the basement is simply amazing.
    Find here: CedarWorks
  • Step2 Play Up Gym Set 6 of 15
    This is the one we had for our son at our old house. It is a PERFECT "starter" swingset but at 3, he was starting to outgrow the slide & steps already.
    Buy here: Step2 for $399.99
  • Posh Tot’s Tim’s Turbo Tree House 7 of 15
    This one is gorgeous. GORGEOUS. Tree house & slide & swingset, all in one.
    Buy here: Posh Tots for $8,550.00
  • Little Tikes Endless Adventures Look Out 8 of 15
    This is a lot like the Step2 one before, but a little more "advanced" for older toddlers.
    Buy here: Toys R Us for $299.98
  • Posh Tot’s Mackey’s Mansion Tree House 9 of 15
    Gosh, I love this one. I do not love the price tag. Moving on...
    Buy here: Posh Tots for $10,450.00
  • Sunview II Complete Gym Set 10 of 15
    A classic swingset. This might be the winner for us as it doesn't take up too much space and he can grow into it.
    Buy here: Toys R Us for $319.99
  • Carolina Playsets NOah’s ARk 11 of 15
    Another gorgeous boat. I am starting to see a trend here...
    Find here: Carolina Playsets
  • Rustler Play Set 12 of 15
    This one is awesome. Playhouse, tree house, slide, swings, and a Sam's Club price.
    Buy here: Sam's Club for $1,749.00
  • Sherwood Tower Wood Gym Set 13 of 15
    I think this is our winner! Between the "treehouse" and slide and swings, plus the bridge, this looks like hours of fun that he can grow into.
    Buy here: Toys R Us for $899.99
  • Step2 Naturally Playful Adventure Lodge Play Center 14 of 15
    Another "step up" for older toddlers. This one has a house and glider.
    Buy here: Toys R Us for $799.99
  • Summerville Wood Gym Set 15 of 15
    Another good option. LOVE the covered wave slide and the bay windows in the little playhouse!
    Buy here: Toys R Us for $999.98


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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