15 Big Boy Bedding Sets That Both You and Your Toddler Will Love

I have a confession: part of the reason I was so hesitant to move Harrison to his big boy bed (aka twin bed) from his crib was the bedding. I could picture this epic fight of him wanting Lightning McQueen exploding on his bed and me cringing at the character bedding. I can do character clothing and character shoes, but I cannot do it in my house. No way, no sir.

Maybe that makes me a mean mom. I’m okay with that.

In the end, we did move Harrison to a twin bed and I steered him towards a bedding that I knew he would love and that I was…okay…with. I don’t want to say I love it, but he loves it. It’s pretty cute with his room and fits his personality and I breathe a sigh of relief every night that I’m not tucking him into Thomas the Train sheets.

For you mommas out there that are dreading the big boy bed for the big boy bedding, here are 15 boy bedding sets that both you and your toddler will adore:

  • Bedding you will both love 1 of 16

    Click through for fifteen non-character bedding sets for your character-loving toddler!

  • Monsters, inked. 2 of 16

    So your toddler is OBSESSED with Monsters, Inc? Here's a fantastic monster option that doesn't involve the actual characters!

    Buy here: Land of Nod

  • Life is a highway 3 of 16

    Got a Cars fanatic on your hand? Skip McQueen and head down Route 66 instead with this nod to America.

    Buy here: Land of Nod

  • Future super hero. 4 of 16

    Got a Batman or Spiderman fanatic? This superhero bedding would look darling in a themed room.

    Buy here: Target

  • Little dudes love trucks. 5 of 16

    My son is obsessed with building trucks, so this is what is on his bed. Much better than Bob the Builder's face, right?

    Buy here: Target

  • It’s the pirate’s life for me. 6 of 16

    Perfect for a fan of Jake and the Neverland Pirates! It's one of our favorite Disney shows and we do the bandaids, but I'm not sure I could do the bedspread.

    Buy here: Target

  • The music lover. 7 of 16

    It reminds me of John Cusack and his beloved boombox from Say Anything.

    Buy here: Land of Nod

  • Surf’s up! 8 of 16

    For the ocean lover, without having to get fishy!  Skip the typical fish-style and go for a laid-back and cool surf board spread!

    Buy here: Pottery Barn Kids

  • Future nerd. 9 of 16

    This one is probably the most "characterized"'s a classic character. Like the kind your husband would love.

    Buy here: Pottery Barn Kids

  • Mostly for mom. 10 of 16

    Classic and perfect to grow with - just change the sheets with changing interests!

    Buy here: Pottery Barn Kids

  • Blast off 11 of 16

    For the future space explorer! This gets funky and fresh with space without feeling too cliche.

    Buy here: Target

  • Home is where the heart is 12 of 16

    I just love this one. I think it's the home and the colors and the just feels like everything that makes a little boy feel secure.

    Buy here: Target

  • Bike it up 13 of 16

    Perfect for the hipster toddler. Bikes are the new owls, right?

    Buy here: Target

  • March of the elephants 14 of 16

    A washable duvet for the zoo and Dumbo fan! Or use it with primary colors to make a circus-themed room.

    Buy here: Ikea for $19.99

  • Primary transportation 15 of 16

    Another option for kiddos that like vehicles and this one is easy on the wallet!

    Buy here: Ikea for $19.99

  • Fantastic Fox 16 of 16

    For a woodland themed room, this is perfect. Calling all animal and Mr. Fox fans!

    Buy here: Ikea for $19.99


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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