15 Easter Basket Goodies That Don’t Include Candy

And the countdown to the Easter Bunny’s arrival is on! In the whee hours of March 31, a large gigantic bunny will be hopping around your neighborhood. He will breaki into your house and leave your child a basket full of goodies. Creepy¬† yes? Tradition, I guess!

While we have shied away from actually telling our kids about the Easter Bunny (we try to keep the holiday more holy the Easter bunny), we still give them a basket full of goodies. For years we stuffed our older kid’s Easter baskets with endless amounts of candy and plastic eggs full of MORE candy. The candy is overpriced and never fully gets eaten.

A few year’s ago, we threw out the whole load. Sure, they get a chocolate Easter bunny and Lord knows Nana and Papa has tons of candy for them (which we love them for), but the basket from us is filled with typically useful items (or something that we wouldn’t buy everyday at the store – and that will last longer than a chocolate egg!).

Skip the chocolate (or don’t overload the basket with it) and try out a few of these useful options for stuffing your toddler’s Easter basket!

  • 15 Easter Basket Goodies That Don’t Include Candy 1 of 16
    15 Easter Basket Goodies That Don't Include Candy
    What kid needs more sugar? Skip on the majority of candy and Easter branded non-sense and fill your toddlers' baskets with useful and fun items!
  • Beach Towels 2 of 16
    Beach Towels
    Summer is just around the corner! Get your little one ready with a fun beach towel like this one featuring the Disney Princesses!
    Available at Disney, $16.50
  • Darling Sunglasses 3 of 16
    Darling Sunglasses
    Here is another item to get your little one ready for summer time - how about some shade?
    Available at Disney, $4.50
  • Play Doh! 4 of 16
    Play Doh!
    Quiet time at the kitchen table with some play doh maybe just what your little one (and you!) need. Suggestion, use a disposable table cloth for easy clean up.
    Mega Pack of Play Doh available at Target, $24.99
  • Hair Bows 5 of 16
    Hair Bows
    My girl loved her some hair bows when she was a toddler. I miss those days.
    Available at Target, $3.49
  • Hot Wheels 6 of 16
    Hot Wheels
    If there is anything that little boys can never have enough of, it has to be Hot Wheels.
    Available at Amazon, $9.47
  • Baby Doll 7 of 16
    Baby Doll
    Instead of a chocolate bunny, your little girl would love a sweet baby doll to cuddle.
    Available at Amazon, $16.13
  • Swim Suit 8 of 16
    Swim Suit
    Gear them up for sprinkler play and pool time with a new swim suit.
    Available at Disney, $19.50
  • Beach Set 9 of 16
    Beach Set
    Whether to be used at the beach or the sand box, these affordable sand toys are always a hit.
    Available at Amazon, $11.51
  • Bath Toys 10 of 16
    Bath Toys
    We cycle thru bath toys pretty quick. The kids love them and I can't stand finding them outside of the tub!
    Available at Amazon, $6.50
  • Activity Book 11 of 16
    Activity Book
    Another item to keep little hands busy, an activity book!
    Available at Amazon, $6.99
  • Wreck it Ralph DVD 12 of 16
    Wreck it Ralph DVD
    Have you seen this movie? My 3-year old loves it!! A gift your toddler is sure to watch over and over.
    Available at Disney, $24.99
  • Rain Boots 13 of 16
    Rain Boots
    April showers bring May flowers. Be prepared with these darling Monsters Inc. rain boots.
    Available at Disney, $14.99
  • Action Figures 14 of 16
    Action Figures
    How fun are these Toy Story bucket-of-soldiers?!
    Available at Disney, $14.50
  • Magnetic Alphabet Letters 15 of 16
    Magnetic Alphabet Letters
    A-B-C-D your refrigerator with these JUMBO magnetic alphabet letters.
    Available at Amazon, $12.42
  • Garden Tools 16 of 16
    Garden Tools
    Let them garden next to mama.
    Available at Amazon, $6.60

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