15 Epic Toddler Viral Videos That Will Make You Smile

As toddler parents, we know the hilariousness of our kids. They say things that no one else can get away with. They do things that we could never imagine possible. Toddlers are learning life, its boundaries, its lessons — all of which make for a fabulous comedy act.

Occasionally (fortunately with technology, more frequently now), a great toddler moment is caught on video, uploaded to YouTube and shared a bazillion times. I don’t know about you, but toddler viral videos are my favorite. If you are in the mood to laugh, here are 15 toddler viral videos that will make you smile.

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  • Videos to Make You Smile 1 of 16

    Need a smile? Here are 15 funny toddler videos that will bring a smile to your face.

  • Charlie Bit My Finger 2 of 16

    This video has over 599 MILLION views. Chances are, you have seen Charlie biting this toddler's finger. This innocent video is hopefully paying for these kids' college tuition with that many views!


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  • First Time on Ice 3 of 16

    Little girl walks on ice for the first time. 16 seconds that will make you smile.


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  • Toddler Makes a Speech 4 of 16

    This little tot has something to say but just doesn't know how to say it in English. SO, like good parents, his 'rents subtitled the video, producing this darling little video of a toddler with a lot to say.


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  • Toddler Fishing 5 of 16

    This cute little video shows a toddler catching his first fish. He wants to name him Free and touch him.


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  • Toddler Dunks Head in Toilet 6 of 16

    I have always feared my boys would do this, but thankfully have yet to have this happen (that I know of!). This toddler decides to stick his head in the toilet. Yes, toilet. Yes, I, too, am gagging.


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  • Too Heavy 7 of 16

    This little girl deserves as Oscar for her epic performance in this video. Asked to clear her bowl from the table, she simply finds the bowl too heavy to carry.


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  • Hide and Seek 8 of 16

    This dad sticks a camera on his toddler and plays hide-and-go-seek. See what it looks like to play from a toddler's point of view!


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  • Smart Toddler 9 of 16

    Watch as this little girl answers questions from her mom including: who's the president, who's the vice president, what does Borat say, what does Homer say, and more. This little one is quite the sponge!


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  • Fighting BFFs 10 of 16

    These adorable 2-year-olds are BFFs, except they disagree on one thing ... who is 2?


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  • Chuck E. Cheese 11 of 16

    What kid doesn't want to go to Disney World? Well, this mom found out her kid is that kid. He doesn't want to go to Disney World. He wants to go to Chuck E. Cheese.


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  • I Didn’t Do It 12 of 16

    Who colored all over Taylor's tummy? It wasn't Taylor! She blames the world, but she swears she didn't do it!


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  • Leading the Crowd 13 of 16

    Little Will and his mom were at a parade and had snuck onto the street to try to get a picture. Every time Will raised his hands, the cheers from the crowd erupted! His mom says, "We couldn't have planned this if we practiced and practiced."


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  • Don’t Want to Go to School 14 of 16

    School hating at a young age, I hope she grows out of this! This little girl tries to talk her way out of having to go to school.


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  • Paso Doble Dancing Toddler 15 of 16

    This 2-year-old has MOVES! Here he is dancing the Paso Doble (in Spanish means double step). Watch out world, little William Stokkebroe owns the dance floor.


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  • Toddler and the Dolberman 16 of 16

    Uncontrollable laughter as this tot plays with her Doberman. Watch as 1-year-old Addison plays with Lily, the family dog.


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What is Your Favorite Toddler Viral Video?

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