15 Foods My Toddler's Could Live On… If I Let Them!

Do your toddler’s love food?

Because mine do. I actually consider the both of them to be some-what of little foodies. Especially my son Benjamin, although Addison has the appetite of a teenage boy.

You ever have those crazy what if questions pop into your parental mind? Like… what if I let my children decide what they could eat? What would those little minds want for three square meals a day?

Then it dawned on me. My toddlers would want about 15 different foods, day in, and day out. They would live on them all with ease.

Of course part of motherhood includes making them eat all those good for you foods they have little desire for. Broccoli is one of those in our house. I have tried making it a number of ways, hiding it in other foods, and of course telling the kids they are eating “mini-trees”. It is O.K. though. They aren’t going to like everything, right?

I have a love-hate relationship with these 15 foods. Some I hate myself, some I hate that my kids hate them, and some… I am just proud and thankful they will actually eat them, and not be as picky as some children I know.

From what I hear… we all have a list like this. So parents, dish! What would your toddler live on if they had the choice?


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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