15 Fun Craft Activities for Little Boys

My little guy is a ball of energy. He loves to be active and play, but he also loves to get messy and create. It seems like there are a lot of craft activities out there that are really appealing for girls, and not as many for boys.

And if you do come across crafts for boys, they are sometimes a little more complicated, and not really suited for little boys.

So I decided to round up some craft activities that would be especially fun for my son, although I’m sure that my daughter would love them as well.

Here are 15 Fun Craft Activities for Little Boys (or Girls!):


  • Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder 1 of 16
    Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder
    Your little man will be happy to cover a toilet paper roll with peanut butter and bird seed, attach a ribbon and hang it out for the birds.
    Get directions for making a Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder.
  • Straw Craft – Blow Painting 2 of 16
    Straw Craft - Blow Painting
    Squirt some paint on a piece of paper, give your boy a straw and let him blow the paint around to make his own monsters and other creations.
    Inspiration for Blow Painting.
  • Homemade Mud Playdough 3 of 16
    Homemade Mud Playdough
    This homemade chocolate playdough becomes more like mud to a toddler armed with cars, trucks and diggers.
    Inspiration for Chocolate "Mud" Playdough.
  • Painted Rock Monsters 4 of 16
    Painted Rock Monsters
    My little guy loves to play with rocks, and loves to paint, and this activity combines both of those, along with creating fun monsters. Perfect.
    Directions for Painted Rock Monsters
  • Body Sheet Painting 5 of 16
    Body Sheet Painting
    Oh my! What little boy wouldn't love to get paint all over his body and paint himself onto a giant sheet? I'm trying to decide if I can manage this one inside, or if I'll have to wait until the weather warms up?
    Inspiration for Body Sheet Painting.
  • Homemade Flubber 6 of 16
    Homemade Flubber
    This is a fun variation on play dough that little ones will love to play with!
    Get the ingredients for Homemade Flubber.
  • Egg Carton Igloo 7 of 16
    Egg Carton Igloo
    This one will require some help and supervision for a toddler to build, but they will love to create their own igloo, complete with a polar bear to live inside.
    Get directions for building an Egg Carton Igloo.
  • Marshmallow and Toothpick Building 8 of 16
    Marshmallow and Toothpick Building
    Most little boys love to build, and maybe get in a little snacking at the same time, with this fun and easy activity.
    Inspiration for Marshmallow and Toothpick Building.
  • Newspaper Hats, Boat and Life Jacket 9 of 16
    Newspaper Hats, Boat and Life Jacket
    Your little guy will love for you to make him these newspaper hats, a boat, and even a life jacket!
    Get directions for making Newspaper Hats, Boat and a Life Jacket.
  • Snow Painting 10 of 16
    Snow Painting
    Simply combine water and food coloring in a squirt bottle for outdoor winter fun!
    Inspiration for Snow Painting.
  • Paper Dinosaur Figures 11 of 16
    Paper Dinosaur Figures
    Your little dino lover will love to make believe play with these easy paper dinosaur figures. You can also have them draw a scene for the dinos to live in.
    Directions for making Paper Dinosaur Figures.
  • Paper Plate Lion 12 of 16
    Paper Plate Lion
    This fun and easy paper plate lion is sure to be a hit with any little boy in your house.
    Directions for making a Paper Plate Lion.
  • Homemade Slime 13 of 16
    Homemade Slime
    It's a liquid, no it's a solid — it's definitely a bit messy, but little guys will love playing with this easy homemade "slime".
    Directions for making Homemade Slime.
  • Snow Painting 14 of 16
    Snow Painting
    Make homemade snow paint using items you probably have in your cupboards and let your toddler paint their very own winter wonderland.
    Inspiration for Snow Painting.
  • Clothes Hanger Spider Web & Spider 15 of 16
    Clothes Hanger Spider Web & Spider
    Your little guy who is into bugs and other creepy crawlies will love to make his very own spider web and spider, and then scare his sister with it!
    How to make a Clothes Hanger Spider Web and Spider.
  • More Easy Crafts for Toddlers 16 of 16
    More Easy Crafts for Toddlers

What is your toddler’s favorite craft activity?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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