15 Fun Science Projects for Toddlers

Have some summer fun with science projects for toddlers. Your little one’s preschool year is coming to an end and the dog days of summer are almost here.  Don’t fret Mom! Check out these 15 fun science projects for you and your toddler to do. You will be doing everything from making a mini-terrarium to creating colorful eruptions. These science themed toddler activities will NOT disappoint!

Not only will science projects keep your toddler entertained, they will learn a few things along the way as well. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to have fun!

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    science projects for toddlers

    Looking for toddler activities to keep your busy this summer? With these fun science projects you'll be teaching them as well as keeping their little hands busy. 

  • Egg Drop 2 of 16

    How can you drop an egg without breaking? Find difference ways to save the egg (or Humpy Dumpty) from cracking!

    Learn more at Parent Teach Play


  • Koolaid Eruptions 3 of 16

    Teach color mixing in a fun way! Using Kool-aid, vinegar and baking soda, have fun making Kool-aid eruptions.

    Learn more at Bath Activities for Kids


  • Tornado in a Bottle 4 of 16

    This is one of my favorite childhood experiments. I still remember making this at the Science Place in downtown Dallas when I was just a wee little one. Create your own tornado in a bottle, just in time for crazy weather season!

    Learn more at In Lieu of Preschool

  • Magic Ketchup 5 of 16

    Teach buoyancy and density by making a ketchup packet float and sink in a bottle of water. 

    Learn More at Science Bob

  • Flower Changing Colors 6 of 16

    Teach your toddler about the transpiration stream by changing the color of flower petals. 

    Learn More at Rainy Day Mum

  • Mad Scientist Potion 7 of 16

    Make mad scientist potion with Kool-aid and dry ice. Your little one will love to see the reaction dry ice has. 

    Learn more at Our Best Bites


  • Milk and Color 8 of 16

    Try this colorful experiment that involves food dye, dish soap and milk to help teach your little one about surface tension. 

    Learn more at Kids Activities Blog

  • Grow Gross 9 of 16
    This has boy mom written all over it! Grow gross and make germs! Learn more at She is Dallas
  • Borax Snow Crystals 10 of 16

    Using pipe cleaners, borax and food coloring - make borax snow crystals.

    Learn More at Kids Activities Blog


  • Blow Up a Balloon 11 of 16

    MAGIC! No, well it's really science.  Blow up a balloon with vinegar and baking soda!

    Learn more at Preschool Powol Packets

  • Cloud in a Jar 12 of 16

    Grow a cloud in a jar. Explain what clouds do and the rain cycle. 

    Learn more at Thoughtful Spot Daycare

  • Dissolve an Egg Shell 13 of 16

    Who knew you could dissolve an egg shell? Create a shell-less egg with your toddler (I maybe more amazed than my little one will be!)

    Learn more at Carrots are Orange


  • Mini-Terrarium 14 of 16

    Create a mini terrarium. Teach a lesson on the eco-system and watch your plants grow!

    Learn more at Kids Creative Chaos

  • Learning About Weight 15 of 16

    Teach your toddler about weight. Help him or her determine which item is heaviest. 

    Learn more at Science Sparks

  • Ivory Soap Fun 16 of 16

    Teach your toddler about Charles' Law with ivory soap in the microwave!

    Charles' Law states that as the temperature of a gas increases, so does its volume. When the soap is heated, the molecules of air in the soap move quickly, causing them to move far away from each other. This causes the soap to puff up and expand to an enormous size. Other brands of soap without whipped air tend to heat up and melt in the microwave. - Steve Spangler Science

    Learn more at Carrots are Orange

What is Your Favorite Science Project for Toddlers?

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