15 Fun Valentine’s Day Crafts to Make With Toddlers

An unexpected discovery over the Christmas break was that my toddlers love to do crafts. While I love to craft, the thought of crafting with the little ones stressed me out. Then when you have two weeks at home with them and they are bored out of their minds, you get crafty! So, crafting will definitely be an activity we will do each holiday, or when inspiration (or shall I say pinspiration?) strikes.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I wanted to find some crafts that the toddlers can do. Sure, the Internet is full of crafts for kids, but the adults must make them. Watching adults do crafts isn’t something my toddlers like to do. So, let’s get the kitchen table and some little hands messy and make a few of these 15 fun Valentine’s Day crafts!

Tip: I try to remember to put a disposable tablecloth down before crafting, it makes clean up of the table a cinch. The floor, now that’s another story!

  • Valentine’s Day Crafts 1 of 16
    valentines day crafts

    Break out the safety scissors and glue sticks and check out these 15 fun Valentine's Day crafts you can make with your toddler.

  • Conversation Hearts Frame 2 of 16

    With this craft, you and your toddler will be painting a frame and gluing on conversation hearts. How many conversation hearts do you think your toddler will sneak while doing this craft?

    View Tutorial on Happiness is Homemade

  • Edible Play-Doh 3 of 16

    Playdough that is simple to make and edible! Your tots will love this.

    View Tutorial on Crazy About My Bah Bah


  • Fingerprint Frame 4 of 16

    Get those fingertips messy with ink and make art!

    View Tutorial on Mom on Time Out

  • Handprint Canvas 5 of 16

    This handprint canvas featuring your child's handprint in a heart is the perfect gift for grandma (or yourself). Handprint crafts are my favorite. It's a great way to see, visually, how much your little one has grown.

    View Tutorial on Songbirds and Buttons

  • DIY Crayons 6 of 16

    What toddler doesn't love breaking crayons? Here is a great way to upcycle broken crayons, or have your little one break some more.

    View Tutorial on Simply Darrling

  • Heart Stamping 7 of 16

    This simple craft is huge fun for toddlers. It just involves them stamping a heart. Let them get creative. After the project is done drying, put it in an envelope and send it to grandma.

    View Tutorial on Mom vs The Boys

  • Hole Punch Card 8 of 16

    My toddlers discovered our hole punch a few months back and had a BLAST punching holes in all of our mail. Let's put that hole punching to good use -- a craft! 

    Tip: Make sure your toddler doesn't decide to open the hole punch causing instant confetti. Once they learn this trick, they will make it rain confetti often and everywhere.

    View Tutorial on Wait Til Your Father Gets Home

  • Love Blooms 9 of 16

    Foam is a fun craft supply that is kid friendly and you can do various crafty things with it.  The best part? It's available at the dollar store!

    View Tutorial on Vicki Odell

  • Monster Valentine 10 of 16

    Your kids will love making monster faces on these simple Valentine's day cards!

    View Tutorial on Spoonful

  • Mosaic Heart 11 of 16

    Another fun activity that toddlers seem to really enjoy is ripping paper. Given them a few sheets of colored construction paper and let them tear their hearts out for this cute mosaic heart craft.

    View Tutorial on Crafts By Amanda

  • Shark Mailbox 12 of 16

    Does your little one need a Valentine's Day mailbox for school? I know my boys would LOVE this. Have your toddlers help you glue on the various shark components.

    View This Tutorial at The Joy of Boys

  • Sun Catcher 13 of 16

    Here is another ripping paper activity, but this time it involves tissue paper. This simply Valentine's Day craft can be enjoyed on the kitchen window. I don't know about your kids, but our toddlers LOVE seeing their crafts displayed.

    View This Tutorial on Happiness is Homemade

  • Love Tree 14 of 16

    This cute Valentine's Day craft is a love tree that can be done with the entire family. I love the expressions of love and use of everyone's hand trace as the tree -- so clever!

    View This Tutorial on One Creative Mommy

  • Hugging Heart 15 of 16

    This little guy just says "Hug Me!" Teach your toddler to fold paper and have them help with gluing the various pieces on the heart.

    View Tutorial on Kix

  • Valentine’s Bracelet 16 of 16
    valentines bracelet

    If your little one enjoys wearing jewelry, they will love this ditty!  This is another craft that can be made from Dollar Store supplies (my kind of kid craft!)

    View Tutorial on Mom on Timeout

What Is Your Favorite Valentine’s Day Craft to Make With Your Toddler?

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