15 Handy Tips for Getting into the Back to School Routine

It’s back to school time!  Many of you will have little ones heading to preschool this year.  The transition from summer fun-time to back to school can be brutal!  There is the early wake up time (this is a huge issue for us night owls!), to making sure your child eats a healthy breakfast, oh and then there is prepping a lunch.

For those of us who are not type-a parents, this time can be chaotic.  I fall right into this category.  With 4 kids, I have had to make several adjustments to help my disorganization to help the family slide into the school year (rather than tumble in – we have had a few of those years as well, they aren’t fun!)

Check out these 15 handy tips to help your family get back into the back to school swing of things.

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    How ready are you to get in the routine for going back to school? Check out these 15 tips to help you and your kids' get your back to school groove back. 

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    Back to School Clothes

    Check this list of state tax-free weekends to see when your state's weekend is. During these weekends, you don't pay tax on certain items (typically clothing and school supplies).  Stores usually put on big sales during this time as well to help bring in the crowds.  We typically shop online during this time (it's tax-free there, as well!) and stock up on necessities.  For example, Old Navy has $10 jeans right now - we stock up on clothing staples!

  • School Supplies 3 of 16

    School supply shopping can be daunting. Thankfully many preschools allow you to pay one fee for supplies.  If you have to do a school supply run, my secret is to do it very late at night or early in the morning - without kids if at all possible!

  • Organize Your Home for the School Year 4 of 16

    There are a few areas of your home that can be organized to better serve you during the school year. Little changes can be huge! We are totally an unorganized house. When we moved into this home, we implemented a shoes and backpacks spot. This has been mondo for us! Check out Jacinda's amazing list of back to school home organization tips.

  • Calming Back to School Jitters 5 of 16

    Starting a new school can be scary, no matter what age your kids are!  Help ease little ones into their new school by only talking positive. Visit the school ahead of time and make it a fun experience. There may still be tears on the first day, do know kids are resilient!

  • First Day of School Photos 6 of 16

    Do you take first day of school photos?  We always remember the first day of school photo, this year - I actually remembered the last day of school as well!  Doing this with toddlers will be extra fun, as they grow like weeds during these wee years and you can see such notable change from August to June. Here is my daughter, 8 years ago - headed to her first day of preschool. 

    Want too a fun prop to first day of school photos, check out these free first day of school signs. There is one for every age in your house (preschool to college!)

  • Layout Clothes Ahead of Time 7 of 16

    Laundry piles up quickly in our house. . It's really sad.  Making sure that clothes are laid out ahead of time is a must for us. We layout a week in advance. This gives me peace of mind that I don't need to wash anything and that our morning rush won't involve scouring laundry bins for a shirt.

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    Our older kids have never shown huge interest in sports.  Our toddler Izaiah has always obsessed over balls and playing basketball and what not.  We thought we would start him in a sport this year. Low and behold, our older 2 kids now want to play sports.  Find a balance on the extracurricular activities.  We were able to find a compromise, but our schedules are still going to be busier than we would like.

  • Alone Time 9 of 16

    Schedule sometime just for mom and just for dad. It's amazing what a few hours away from the kids, by yourself (not even a date night!) can do for the mind and soul.  Make time for dad as well! There have been a few occasions where my husband has just needed time to himself and went and hit golf balls at Top Golf. These little breaks can really recharge you, especially when life gets busy (hello back to school time!).

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    With our late nights, our structure and bedtime routines started lacking.  This past week, we moved the toddlers back to their bedtime routine of bath, book, prayer, song and play with the light switch - and both have slept like champs! (Even Izaiah, the kid who doesn't like sleep!) Sorry toddlers, no more mid-day bath time!

  • Wake Up! 11 of 16

    The first half of this summer we stayed up late, and woke up late. Our toddlers were able to get into a school with a teacher that has watched our older kids.  In a few weeks, when the older kids start school - we will have to wake them up an hour earlier than we currently are (ugh!).  We will be moving to a toddler alarm clock to help our morning process.

    This little one of mine, Zeke - is NOT a morning person. If we let him, he'd lay around for hours like this. 


  • Morning Routine 12 of 16

    What does your morning routine look like?  My husband sings songs to the kids in the morning as they get dressed - I wish I could be that cheery!  These darling printables are available at Living Locurto and can help kids visualize their morning routine.

  • Create Breakfast Ahead of Time 13 of 16

    One of my biggest mom hacks has been to create breakfasts ahead of time.  Check out these breakfast on the go ideas.


  • Try to Avoid Yelling 14 of 16

    *Hand Raised* I am a stress yeller. We are on deadline, I need shoes on and the kids in the car - I start yelling. I know, it's no bueno.  Join me in trying to stop the yell fest.

  • Well Visit Checks & Vaccines 15 of 16

    During the application or enrollment process, your child's school will most likely require a note from the doctor stating that your child is healthy, as well as an updated vaccination records.

    If your child has been seen in the last year by his pediatrician, they should be able to provide the statement (typically just a quick letter, but check with the school for what they exactly need) without another appointment.

    In the state of Texas, if you do not vaccinate your child, you can receive a waiver from the state. This form requires a notary, but will serve as a replacement for the vaccination records.

  • Roll With It! 16 of 16

    Be prepared to laugh and roll with it. There will be days you are on time, others where you are running late.  Yes, I am extremely laid back - but I attribute my sanity to being able to laugh, even when it doesn't seem appropriate.


What Helps You Most Get Back Into The School Routine?

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