9 Holiday Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Grandparents gifts
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I love my parents, but man, are they hard to shop for.

My mom is the easiest to shop for — in fact, she’s so easy I sometimes end up wanting to get her a little too many presents. My dad, on the other hand … WHEW! He is officially the hardest person I’ve ever had to find gifts for. He’s the type that would love a ’69 Camaro or 80″ TV, but when it comes to realistic gifts? I’ve always struggled finding one that truly impresses him (to be fair, he loves anything anyone gives him, but he’s my daddy, I love to surprise him).

I’ve learned that when it comes to shopping for the grandparents in my life, we can’t just hold out to the very last minute and hope to find something perfect. Our family usually has the best luck with gifts that are personal or customized. That doesn’t mean I have to spend a lot of money, I just have to plan ahead. We’ve had some pretty good successes the past two years, and in all my research for Christmas, I’ve come across several more ideas that will work really well for both my parents and many of them are great ideas for going in on together with a sibling or other family member. Chances are if they’ll impress my parents? At least one of them will impress any hard-to-shop for grandparents in your life as well.

1. Digital Photo Frame

Kodak pulse frame
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With this digital frame, you can easily upload and share photos with your grandparents no matter where in the world they are.

Available now from Amazon, $138.88

2. Recordable Storybook

That's What Grandmas Do book
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Grandma can record her favorite wishes and stories for her grandkids with this storybook, while they enjoy tales that can be enjoyed for a lifetime!

Available now from Amazon, $30.24

3. Art Cabinet

Kids art frame
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With this artwork cabinet, they won’t have to worry about what to do with all of your kids’ artwork — in addition to having the ability to display them in their very own home. Enjoy a shadowbox, picture frame, and a filing cabinet all in one!

Available now from Dynamic Frames, $29.99

4. Photo Book

Photo book
image source: blurb

With so many options for customization, it’s never been easier to get printed memories into the hands of loved one than with this photo book.

Available now from Blurb, starting at $14.99

5. The Story of a Lifetime

story of a lifetime book
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This books allows grandparents to fill it with their own stories and words of wisdom to inspire their family members for future generation to come.

Available now from Gifts, $79.99

6. Doodle Tag

Kid's doodle tags
image source: mommy tags

This tag takes a whole new spin on the classic locket. It allows you to upload your child’s doodle to be imprinted into a pendant made of a recycled silver that grandma can cherish for a years to come.

Available now from Mommy Tags, $125

7. Photo Calendar Poster

photo calendar poster
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Give the gift of a year-long memory with this personalized photo calendar poster. You can count on it as being something that will be treasured (and frequently used) by grandparents all around.

Available now from Shutterfly, starting at $22.99

8. iPad

iPad Pro
image source: apple

Long-distance can make it difficult to pay frequent visits to grandma and grandpa. Provide the ability to stay in touch via video with a device as user-friendly as an iPad!

Available now from Apple, starting at $329

9. Photo Blanket

Photo blanket
image source: snapfish

Nothing will keep the grandparents cozier than wrapping themselves with a blanket featuring their beloved grandkids.

Available now from Snapfish, starting at $59.99

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