15 Normal, Regular, Fantastic Toddler Rooms

Harrison's Toddler Room

We’ve all seen the AH-mazing toddler rooms on Pinterest and design blogs.  They’re perfectly coordinated with designer fabrics and $2,000.00 toddler beds, either put together by a very talented mother or a professional decorator.  It’s like eye-candy for those of us that adore pretty things (::cough yours truly cough::).

But they aren’t real.

I mean, yeah, they’re real but they’re not reality for the 99%.

Real toddler rooms are usually made on a budget with creativity and stains on the carpet.  They’re full of the 5,000 stuffed animals gifted at baby showers and birthday parties and plastic toys.  They probably still hold a glider for the momma that can’t seem to stop rocking her two-year-old and thousands of picture books and sound machines.

I asked my readers to submit regular ol’ normal and fantastic toddler rooms – the ones designed to be functional and fun and potentially on a budget.  See the absolutely gorgeous rooms below and the sweet touches that make them so personal:

  • Keeping it classic. 1 of 15
    Keeping it classic.
    "My favorite thing in the room is her Charlotte's Web pillow. Someone hand stitched the cover of the book onto a pillow for Charlotte. LOVE! I believe every little lady named Charlotte should have this book, well, every child for that matter." Amy
    Photo Credit: Somebody's Parent
  • Cartoon-inspired. 2 of 15
    "I love the colors - aqua, yellow, and red. All taken from Curious George (his favorite show) as inspiration." Beth Anne
    Photo Credit: Heir to Blair
  • Dark can be practical. 3 of 15
    Dark can be practical.
    I'm so glad that we didn't buy a changing table, but instead a dresser (from Wal-Mart!) with a changing pad on top serves as a changing table, but when this dude ever potty trains, we can just get rid of the pad. Also, instead of spending a ton on baby bedding, we went with a full-size quilt and crib skirt so that we can keep the same room theme and coloring well past babyhood. Finally, I am SO glad we went with a dark color on the walls and painted the ceilings as well. The most important thing that happens in that bedroom is sleep, and I think the darker room is the reason our boy is a champion napper and sleeps 12-13 solid hours every night." Kodi
    Photo Credit: A Brighter Yellow
  • Bright and cheerful. 4 of 15
    Bright and cheerful.
    "It's really electric pink but it suits her personality. Luckily it's bead-boarded halfway up the walls so the pink doesn't totally blind you. Her room is very small but I like to think that we've done a lot with the space we have. I put her right into a twin bed after the crib and skipped the toddler bed. Didn't want to have to go through 'another' transition! My favorite thing in her room has to be the white floating butterflies on the back wall. I also really love her quilt which I got on Everything in her room is pretty budget friendly including the furniture purchased at JCPenny during a Labor Day sale (all for less than $500)." ~Krisitn
    Photo Credit: A Mother's Work Is Never Done
  • Monster-inspired. 5 of 15
    "Let the Wild Rumpus Start!" ~Meaghan
    Photo Credit: Cook With A Little Of This
  • A fort in the room. 6 of 15
    A fort in the room.
    "Although he has a sturdy, albeit second hand toddler bed, that he slept in for over a year, for the past six months he has slept no where except in his 'house'. Not only does his 'house' give him a special space to call his own, it also allows him to shine the stars from his Twighlight Turtle right above his head." ~Amber
    Photo Credit: The Momma Stuff Blog
  • Spell it out. 7 of 15
    Spell it out.
    "My favorite item(s) in Knox's room are his name cards that hang over his dresser. I strung a ribbon, then clipped these adorable letter cards (from InkTreePress on etsy) on with clothes pins. I love this so much because 1) they won't give Knox a concussion if they fall off during a rowdy diaper change 2) they're cute and 3) they're educational! While we do diaper changes, I point to the letters, say each one and tell him they spell his name." ~Jessica
    Photo Credit: Southern Belle Baby
  • A room to grow on. 8 of 15
    A room to grow on.
    "Simple, inexpensive, and this is a room she can have throughout her entire childhood. Not to 'baby-ish' that you'd have to change the whole scheme of things when she got older. The knobs and wire dress she now uses for all her play jewelry." Shanae
  • Keeping the glider for awhile longer. 9 of 15
    Keeping the glider for awhile longer.
    "Nathan loves rocking in the big chair. We've spent many nights on that ever since he was a newborn! It's a reclining glider. It's crazy comfy." ~Becky
    Photo Credit: Prismatic Design
  • Monkey around. 10 of 15
    Monkey around.
    "I love the bookshelf and the bed. The booshelf because it just looks fun and the bed because it reminds me that even though my baby is growing up...she's still little... because look at that itty bitty bed!" ~Jennifer
  • Love you to the moon and back. 11 of 15
    Love you to the moon and back.
    "It looks like we dropped a ton of money on this room, but we actually just put in a ton of time. I made the curtains and throw pillows. Scott made the headboard, and my sister in law painted that amazing mural. It's such a sweet boys room and perfect for him to grow into. I will be terribly sad when we move and can't bring that mural with us." ~Jill
    Photo Credit: Baby Rabies
  • Kid-friendly Ikea storage. 12 of 15
    Kid-friendly Ikea storage.
    "I love love love love the Ikea pieces we bought for him - great storage and very functional, but still very "kid-like" (if that makes sense!)." ~Gina
    Photo Credit: The Ish Blog
  • Space to play. 13 of 15
    Space to play.
    "the best thing about his room? lots of floor space for train tracks that we change every week. and car tracks. and anything that moves tracks." ~Angela
    Photo Credit: From The Dock
  • Eclectic rent. 14 of 15
    Eclectic rent.
    "My favorite thing is how eclectic it is. The two colored walls, no real set "design" or theme that he may or may not grow to really like...just my kid's room and all of his favorite things in one place! The furniture doesn't match, some of it is hand-me downs. The piece storing his toys is his old changing table. He's in love with the car/train/plane decals on the walls. We rent this house and are allowed to do whatever we want to it, so it's kind of been practice for me to nail down the ways I'd like to decorate once we actually do have a house of our own!" ~Kim
    Photo Credit: Glitter and Gray/a>
  • Sharing a room and making the most of space. 15 of 15
    Sharing a room and making the most of space.
    "We had to get creative...sucky housing market meant we wouldn't be getting a bigger house any time soon so my 10yr old son and 19month old son are sharing a room. They LOVE IT! Here is what it looks like and it's working perfectly! Ikea loft bed with crib/changing table underneath. We have a gate and fence rigged under the loft so that when he's able to climb out (any second), he's still not really 'free' Eventually we'll get rid of the gate/fence but for now we need to know he can't escape and don't want to have to keep the big boy captive in the room." ~Wendi

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