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15 Reasons Why I Am More Awesome Than My Infant Self

Hey guys!  Cullen, here.  I haven’t been napping much lately, so with all my extra time spent awake, I thought I’d pop in and and tell you what I’ve been up to.  Now that I’m a year old and hanging out in the toddler zone, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about all that has changed this year!

My mom and her friends go on and on about how we’ve grown up so quickly, and how so much has changed from the early newborn days.  I know mom misses snuggling me in the Moby wrap and bringing me into bed for early morning snuggles.

But even though I don’t like to do those things anymore, I’m doing a lot of things now that are so much more fun.  The baby days seemed good at the time, but…

Here are 15 reasons I am way more awesome now, than my infant self…

  • I finally like to read books. 1 of 15
    I finally like to read books.
    Mom has been waiting for this for so long! I used to just eat books and throw them around my room, but I'm finally interested in the words and pictures inside. Best part? Turning the pages!
  • I can tolerate longer car rides. 2 of 15
    I can tolerate longer car rides.
    ...Although sometimes I fall asleep (and then skip nap time!) which drives mom insane.
  • I cooperate for mom’s goofy photoshoots. 3 of 15
    I cooperate for mom's goofy photoshoots.
    Mom is totally camera-obsessed, and takes pictures of me all the time. These days, I act like a ham, laughing and smiling for the camera. Much better than when I just laid there like a lump!
  • I only cry for a reason. 4 of 15
    I only cry for a reason.
    This is probably one of the biggest changes. I used to just cry and cry and no one could figure out what to do. I really only cry now if I'm too tired or hungry, or if the dogs knock me over when they are too excited.
  • I don’t have to be carried all the time. 5 of 15
    I don't have to be carried all the time.
    In fact, I prefer to be down on the ground running around! When I was a baby, mom and dad carried my eveeeerywhere, so now they have really strong arms!
  • I enjoy the company of my little friends. 6 of 15
    I enjoy the company of my little friends.
    When I first started going to my playgroup, we all just laid on the ground like lumps, side by side. Occasionally, we'd make eye contact and grunt at each other, and all the moms would clap and make a big fuss over it. Now we wrestle, play, share toys, steal toys, and babble at each other. I love my friends!
  • I can fall down and it’s no big deal. 7 of 15
    I can fall down and it's no big deal.
    I'm a pretty tough guy. I crash and fall all the time, but I can usually just shake it off. I used to be a lot more breakable, and mom would have to hover over me or walk right behind me in case I slipped!
  • I am part of family meals. 8 of 15
    I am part of family meals.
    Mom and dad used to take me out to eat in my carseat, and they'd spend the whole time praying I'd sleep or stay quiet. These days, I'm in a high chair at the table! They still worry about me being too loud or making a huge mess, but we can go out more often now that I like going too.
  • I goof off and make mom and dad laugh. 9 of 15
    I goof off and make mom and dad laugh.
    Even though I started smiling and laughing pretty early on, it was hard for mom when I couldn't really communicate with her. As a one-year-old, I love to goof off with mom and play games like peekaboo and chase.
  • We don’t worry about things like head control. 10 of 15
    We don't worry about things like head control.
    Head control? Who can't control their own head? Oh... babies, that's right.
  • I don’t explode poop everywhere. 11 of 15
    I don't explode poop everywhere.
    I used to like to wait until we were out in public, and save my best poops for the least convenient times. Now that I eat mostly solid food, I can't do this anymore. I have "real" poop, which is also not fun to clean up, but still a lot less messy.
  • I can take care of myself sometimes. 12 of 15
    I can take care of myself sometimes.
    Back in my baby days, mom used to have to do everything for me. She'd hold my bottle, shake my toys, and turn the pages of all our books. Now I can do a lot of these things myself. I love being able to hold my own cups and drink whenever I want to!
  • We can finally enjoy some big kid stuff. 13 of 15
    We can finally enjoy some big kid stuff.
    When we moved into our new house, everyone kept talking about how nice it was that we had a playground across the street. But I was only six months old when we got here — too little to actually enjoy any of it. Now that I'm older, I love swinging in the baby swing and going down the slide on mom's lap. I can't wait until next summer when I can climb some of the bigger equipment.
  • I like rough and wild play. 14 of 15
    I like rough and wild play.
    I've always been a tough guy, but mom and dad used to have to be a lot more careful with me. Now I love to spin in circles and be thrown HIGH up into the air. I can't stop laughing when mom and dad toss me around!
  • I still act like a baby sometimes. 15 of 15
    I still act like a baby sometimes.
    Just when I seem to be growing up too quickly, I'll get extra tired and fall asleep on mom's shoulder. She lets me stay there for a long time, and she sniffs my head. She's crazy!

Read more from Emily on her personal blog Daily Garnish, where she creates healthy vegetarian recipes, recaps her latest running adventures, and chronicles life as a new mom to her son and two crazy dogs.  You can follow along on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest too!

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