15 Signs Your House May Be Infested with Toddlers

It’s been 8 months now since we moved into this house. I love this house so much, especially now that we are really making it home. I’ll never forget the first time we walked through this place. The previous owners had to move, so the house was completely empty. I visualized all of our life in this empty house, and now it’s for real.

There’s only one problem.

We have an infestation issue that we are dealing with. It involves a 2-year-old and a 3-year-old, and unless Super Nanny comes knocking on our door I don’t see this problem going away for several years. We are infested by toddlers.

Are you? Check out these 15 signs to see if your house is.

  • Toddler Infestation 1 of 17

    Has your house been infested with toddlers? Check out these 15 signs that it's happened to your home.

  • Backyard 2 of 17

    Does your backyard look like an outdoor toy display for Little Tikes?


  • Door Goo 3 of 17

    That beautiful glass door to see outside, is it covered with food and fingerprints? 

    You may be toddler infested. 

  • Blinds 4 of 17

    Those cheap blinds make all kinds of fun noises for little ears. Do your blinds look like this? 

  • Closet Stash 5 of 17

    If you look behind clothes in closets, do you find hidden toys left there by little toddlers who like to hide and play in your clothes?

  • Couch Mania 6 of 17

    Do your couch cushions look appear in no order and even when you straighten them out, do they quickly become disorganized again?

  • Wet Diapers 7 of 17

    Have you discovered dirty diapers in random places?

    Our toddler who is just about done potty training is terrible with this! He drops his dirty pull-up in the morning and if we don't purposely go seek it out, we are sure to find it randomly somewhere. 

  • Avoid the Bathroom 8 of 17

    Do you have a bathroom that you avoid due to potty training or perhaps the fact that little boys use it?

    I loved our downstairs guest bath. The color was fabulous. It was perfect size. And then we started potty training. It's so gross. No matter how many times a week this bathroom is cleaned, it just can never maintain cleanliness.


  • The Light Issue 9 of 17

    Perhaps no matter how many times you turn a light off, it comes back on mysteriously. Or maybe you have an issue of flickering lights?  Once toddlers can reach the switch, the strobe effect becomes a popular fun time activity. As well as turning lights on after parents turn them off. 

  • Missing Door Stoppers 10 of 17

    Have you noticed your door stoppers missing? Maybe it's just the rubber piece at the end, or perhaps the whole spring. This is definitely a sign of toddlers. 

  • Random Objects Everywhere 11 of 17

    Do you find random objects in the most unusual places? 

  • Wall Decor 12 of 17

    Has your pretty decor been replaced with potty and behavior charts? 

  • Cabinet Takeover 13 of 17

    Has your pretty drinking glasses been moved to the top shelf and replaced with colorful plastic sippy cups? 

  • Watch Where You Step 14 of 17

    Have you stepped on a toy that is laying in the middle the floor? Toddlers are quite A.D.D. They play and then go, there's none of that picking up their stuff business.

  • Bookshelf Insanity 15 of 17

    How long can your bookshelves maintain an orderly look? If there are toddlers near by, your best option maybe to release to OCD and just stack the #@#$ books since they will be thrown on the ground regardless.

  • Wall Art 16 of 17

    Are your walls adorned with markers and crayons?  Toddlers see the world as their canvas, not just paper. 

  • Pardon the Mess… 17 of 17

    I must remember this. A dear friend gave me this sign and I keep it in our toddler infested playroom. Every time I see it, I think to myself, someday I'll miss these days with innocent little toddlers. I love these little guys, even if they do infest my house.

Is Your Home Toddler Infested?

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