15 Tattoo Sleeve Shirts for the Rad Toddlers

I have 2 tattoos. One on my ankle and another on my shoulder. Our toddlers are fascinated with these little drawings on my body. When my daughter was little, she tried to wipe off my butterfly. She then was baffled on how it didn’t come off! While I know that not everyone is a fan on tattoos, there are several of us parent folk who have them, embrace them and acknowledge that some day our kids may too sport a tattoo or 10. If tattoos are your thing, a new trend is popping up that you may find of interest, tattoo sleeve shirts for toddlers.

The tattoo sleeve shirts use a material for the fake tattoo sleeves that is nearly identical to panty hose and sewn into shirts. By putting your toddler into one of these shirts, you are creating a future criminal, bike rider or all around bad a$$. Okay, I kid. So while I think these shirts are cute (and no your kid won’t end up a bad person for wearing these), these may not be your cup of tea. If they are, check out these tattoo sleeve shirts for toddlers:

  • Tattoo Sleeve Shirts 1 of 16
    tattoo sleeve shirts for toddlers

    Tattoo sleeve shirts, the latest trend for toddlers. Check out these 15 different styles. 

  • Tats! 2 of 16

    The boys has tats! Grandma will love them. Well some grandmas will.

    Available at Etsy, $24

  • Mom 3 of 16

    Cute Mom shirt, though I do wish the sleeves featured a mom tat! 

    Available at Etsy, $35

  • Tribal 4 of 16

    Little Leeley's tat shirt features a tribal tattoo over a solid black shirt. 

    Available at Etsy, $24

  • Check Out My Wheeles 5 of 16

    Check out my wheels shirt with mesh tattoo sleeves featuring flames.

    Available at Etsy, $35

  • Pirate Themed 6 of 16

    This tattoo sleeve shirt features a black tee, one sleeve features a red treasure chest with gold doubloons, a skull with crossed swords and a small treasure map. The other sleeve has a large pirate treasure map.

    Available at Etsy, $20

  • Birthday Shirt 7 of 16

    This shirt was featured in our birthday shirt round up. Celebrate your child's birthday with a special tattoo sleeved shirt. TotTude's shirts feature various ages.

    Available at Etsy, $35

  • Luck of the Irish 8 of 16

    Show that Irish pride!

    Available at Etsy, $25

  • Fun Shirts for the Whole Family 9 of 16

    These tattoo shirts feature an applique skull on the front.  Emsblanketstatement has these shirts available in a variety of colors and sizes. 

    Available on Etsy, prices vary

  • Punk Sparrow 10 of 16

    For the rockabilly fan, check out this punk sparrow tattoo shirt. 

    Available at Etsy, $22

  • Tattoos and a Tie 11 of 16

    Professionals now a days aren't limited to the tattooless! This shirt keeps it professional while still expressing personality.

    Available at Etsy, $30

  • Got Ink? 12 of 16

    Who needs crayons? I've got INK!  

    Available at Etsy, $33.50

  • Disney Princess Tattoo Sleeves 13 of 16

    Looking for a sweet tattoo shirt for your girl? This one is a winner featuring Disney Princesses. 

    Available at Etsy, $25

  • Kiss My Crown 14 of 16

    Kiss my crown! Okay, maybe a little too sassy for my child to wear... 

    Available at Etsy, $35

  • One Sleeve 15 of 16

    Maybe your kid just once one arm sleeved, and that's okay too.

    Available at Etsy, $24.50

  • Vegas Baby! 16 of 16

    This sleeve shirt features Vegas themed tattoos. This would be another one that falls under, not for my kid. Not that I don't adore Vegas... I just don't care to have a nearly naked lady on anything my kid's wearing. 

    Available at Etsy, $27.50

I would totally put my kid in one of these. (I think I’ll just make one, they don’t look too difficult to DIY!)  A few of these featured shirts just push the line too far for me. Not that tattoos, but personally I’m not a fan of my kids wearing near nudity, and I try to watch the sayings on their shirts. Attitude is fine to some extent, each parent has their line and personal level of comfortness.

In my time as a parent, (and especially as a blogger) I’ve come to the understanding that whatever you do, there will be upset parents. These are meant all in fun. If this is your type of thing, go for it! If not, don’t.

What Do You Think of Tattoo Sleeve Shirts for Toddlers – Too Much or Too Cute?

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