15 Things About Toddlers That Make It All Worthwhile

Photo credit: Meredith Carroll
Le sigh.

Toddlers sometimes get a bad rap. Because their noses are always running. Because they’re too little to use the potty but sometimes those poops seem too big to fit in a diaper. Because they act like the offspring of the dickens and the devil.

But at the end of the day — literally, like, when they’re in bed asleep — you have to admit that toddlers are more love then they are trouble. Or at least that a lot of the trouble they get in is worth loving.

Here are 15 things about toddlers that make it all worthwhile:

  • Bath-hawks 1 of 16
    Get 'em while they're wet.
  • That Look 2 of 16
    That Look
    It's wrong that such a sad look in one can generate such happiness in another, but it just does.
  • Footie Pajamas 3 of 16
    Footie Pajamas
    A look only a toddler can pull off with 100 percent adorable success.
  • Back Fat 4 of 16
    Back Fat
    Rollin'. Rollin'. Rollin' on the staircase.
  • Unintentional Deep Thoughts 5 of 16
    Unintentional Deep Thoughts
    Ah, yes, of course: e=mc2.
  • When They Move Rubber Tree Plants 6 of 16
    When They Move Rubber Tree Plants
    She had high hopes.
  • Naked Peek-A-Boo 7 of 16
    Naked Peek-A-Boo
    For some reason it's just more fun without clothes on.
  • Tantrums in Costume 8 of 16
    Tantrums in Costume
    Tantrums stink.
    Tantrums in costume rule.
  • When They Go Off to Work 9 of 16
    When They Go Off to Work
    Hi ho. Hi ho.
  • When They Dress Themselves 10 of 16
    When They Dress Themselves
    Add a smile and she'll be fully dressed.
  • Pumpkins 11 of 16
    The orange kind.
  • The Joy of Discovery 12 of 16
    The Joy of Discovery
    That moment they discover the awesome awfulness of Elmo.
  • Owl Hats 13 of 16
    Owl Hats
    Better than bear hats, better than bunny hats.
  • Books 14 of 16
    There are pages! With pictures! And someone reads me words!
  • Grandparent Love 15 of 16
    Grandparent Love
    True love.
  • Sweet Dreams 16 of 16
    Sweet Dreams
    Is there a happier sight, ever?

Photo credits: Meredith Carroll


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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