15 Ways to Hide or Display Your Kid’s Art

Mazzy goes to a toddler transitions class two mornings a week. I don’t know if this is something all parents do or just parents in NYC who are terrified their kids won’t get into the right preschool. Whatever the case, it means my daughter brings home a lot of artwork.

We’re talking at least three to four paintings a week. And I have every reason to believe this will continue for the next two to twelve years.

I am a sentimental person (or so I have discovered) who lives in a NYC apartment. Which means I can’t just throw Mazzy’s paintings into a random drawer or closet— they are all taken by useful items like pots and underwear.

So I have begun to explore my options for both displaying and storing my daughter’s art.

As well as trying to get used to the idea of throwing some of it in the trash.


  • Display: Wire curtain rods with clips 1 of 16
    Display: Wire curtain rods with clips
    I actually use something similar for photographs on a wall in my kitchen— made with string, fisheye hooks and painted alligator clips.
    Discovered on Project Nursery
  • Display: Hanging Clipboards 2 of 16
    Display: Hanging Clipboards
    This works only if you instruct your preschool to keep projects all the same size...
    Discovered on Spearmint Baby
  • Display: Painted Frames for Spectacular Effect 3 of 16
    Display: Painted Frames for Spectacular Effect
    This is my favorite option of the bunch but it's a little hard to orchestrate while your collection is still growing.
    Discovered on Cohabitot
  • Hide: Pizza Box 4 of 16
    Hide: Pizza Box
    You can go straight up Domino's or I hear they have fancier versions at craft stores. Either way- it fits perfectly underneath the bed.
    Discovered on Vera's Song
  • Display: Perfectly Framed 5 of 16
    Display: Perfectly Framed
    Methinks this art wasn't done by a child.
    Discovered on Marcia Moore Design
  • Display: Just Tape It On Up 6 of 16
    Display: Just Tape It On Up
    Sometimes the best way to display kid's art is proudly.
    Discovered on Design Sponge
  • Display & Hide: Frames with Inner Folders 7 of 16
    Display & Hide: Frames with Inner Folders
    The frame opens so you can change the art without having to remove it from the wall and you can store multiple art pieces inside.
    Discovered on Baby Center
  • Display: Cork Board 8 of 16
    Display: Cork Board
    A messier option but super easy to manage whatever your kid creates.
    Discovered on Marcia Moore Design
  • Display: Clothes Pins 9 of 16
    Display: Clothes Pins
    Great way to display a few special pieces at a time. I will probably do this in Mazzy's room.
    Discovered on Freshome
  • Display: Complex System that I Don’t Quite Understand 10 of 16
    Display: Complex System that I Don't Quite Understand
    I think it involves wood slats, tacks, clips and someone way handier than myself.
    Discovered on Z-Pics
  • Hide: Roll It Up 11 of 16
    Hide: Roll It Up
    This option reminds me of Mike Brady's lost architecture plans.
    Discovered on Martha Stewart
  • Display: Floating Picture Shelf 12 of 16
    Display: Floating Picture Shelf
    This is a great option for framed pictures of different sizes.
    Discovered on Respaced
  • Display: Large Scale Art Center 13 of 16
    Display: Large Scale Art Center
    Magnetic surface, chalk board and cork all in full effect.
    Discovered on Apartment Therapy
  • Display: Chicken Wire 14 of 16
    Display: Chicken Wire
    Good luck trimming up those ends so nobody gets hurt...
    Discovered on The Steen Style
  • Hide: Plastic Art Bag 15 of 16
    Hide: Plastic Art Bag
    Sometimes life is as simple as a Ziplock.
    Discovered on One Perfect Room
  • TRASH 16 of 16
    Even the most sentimental among us, can't keep it ALL, right?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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