15 Worst Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

Halloween is less than 4 weeks away, and the question for every little kid is, “What do you want to be for Halloween?”

When I was growing up, we always made our costumes ourselves out of stuff we already had, or with clothes from the thrift store and maybe a few purchased supplies.  So, I have a hard time grasping spending $20, $30 or even $50+ dollars on a child’s Halloween costume.  Although, I also understand that time and creative skills are sometimes hard to come by for some families (ours too!), and buying a costume is an easy alternative.

But when I started browsing around for toddler Halloween costumes I came across so many that were so ugly, embarrassing, or just downright inappropriate for a young child to wear. It just makes you want to ask, “What were they thinking?”  And, “Who actually let’s their toddler wear that?”

Here are 15 of the worst toddler Halloween costumes I found:

  • Banana 1 of 15
    "Please mom, dress me like a giant banana so I can get made fun of all night long. I guess the trick is on me!"
  • Vampire 2 of 15
    Even though Twilight is all the rage right now, I just think it's gross to dress a toddler as a creature that sucks people's blood!
  • Dora The Explorer 3 of 15
    Dora The Explorer
    I know most toddlers love Dora, but this costume is just silly. Besides why would you pay money for a Dora costume when you could so easily put one together yourself?
  • Pimp Costume 4 of 15
    Pimp Costume
    Dressing a toddler boy as a man who illegally exploits and sells women is NOT funny or cute!
  • Queen Amidala 5 of 15
    Queen Amidala
    Wow, no matter how huge of a Star Wars fan you are, no little girl should have to wear something like this on her head!
  • Skeleton with Sound Effects 6 of 15
    Skeleton with Sound Effects
    Let's figure out how we can freak out our toddler with their own costume - I know, dress them up like a dead body that also makes sound effects!
  • Teletubbie 7 of 15
    Do toddlers even watch this show anymore? Will they know what they're dressing up as, or just think they are a funny looking purple blob with ginormous ears?
  • Wonder Woman 8 of 15
    Wonder Woman
    There is something wrong to me about dressing a little girl in a skimpy and sexy outfit complete with over-the-knee boots.
  • Gangster 9 of 15
    And likewise, no matter how you feel about little boys playing with guns, a toddler carrying a machine gun as part of their halloween costume is NOT cool!
  • Clown 10 of 15
    Kids are already scared of clowns without making them dress up like one!
  • Zombie Bride 11 of 15
    Zombie Bride
    Doesn't every little girl want to be a half-dead, half-alive creepy bride?
  • Joker 12 of 15
    Who thought dressing a child as a character who is known for killing people and being basically insane was a good idea?
  • Homless Man 13 of 15
    Homless Man
    Okay, I honestly laughed out loud at this one, but the reality is that we have people like this on corners all over our city, and it's sad, not something to make fun of.
  • Kiss 14 of 15
    Gross, just gross. That's all I have to say.
  • Showgirl 15 of 15
    Again, dressing a toddler girl as a sex symbol is just not my idea of a good halloween costume. Besides, this one is also just ugly!

My daughter says that she wants to be a pretty princess or Dorothy for Halloween this year, and my son wants to be a dragon.

What does your toddler want to be for Halloween this year?

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