17 Natural Ways To Kick a Toddler Cold/Flu In The Butt

This shiny new year? So far it’s brought us hard truths and hefty amounts of sickness.

We’re wading through the best ways we know how. A big part of the healing and regeneration process for my family, for my little ones — are the more natural-based treatments and routines we follow.

We lean heavily towards living a green life in general; from the food we eat, to the products we buy and the way in which we take care of our health.

The roundup below has come from years of research, application and success. Couple these tried and true techniques / remedies with fellow Toddler blogger Casey’s list of how to deal with toddler vomit and you’ll be set. (Well, as much as one can be in a midst of toddler-sick). She’s a seasoned pro, too. Aren’t we all?

Perhaps you’re just entering into the age of toddler-hood with your little one, or you’re looking to switch to a natural approach when it comes to caring for your child. Maybe you don’t have time for all the research.

Well I do. It’s my job. Which I think is pretty cool; given that all of the time I spend researching – transcends into my own life in how I parent my kids or to help me make decisions on what products I’m going to buy.

When I’m looking to find a common thread in the on-line community with other mothers and fathers, discover and bond with other parents who need support, need to talk things out and get new ideas and a fresh perspective, this is where I come. Even if they are sharing in my sorrow, from taking care of a house full of sick, or managing a raging toddler – it truly does take a village, this parenting thing. A theory of which I firmly DO prescribe to.

I can guarantee you that cold and flu season will be made much more tolerable if you administer even a few of these things. It’s quite simple really, the key to helping a little one get through a nasty cold and/or flu is nutrition in one way or another. I’ve made it as simple as possible, but the truth of the matter is that having sick kids ain’t easy. There is no short-cut or magical wand that I can offer you to make that go away. What I can offer you are resources and truth.

“Everything on earth as a purpose, every disease an herb to cure it, and every person a mission. 
This is the Indian theory of existence.”
(Mourning Dove, Salish (1888-1936)

  • Digital Thermometer 1 of 17
    Digital Thermometer
    First things first. If you don't have one, get one. The flex tip makes it possible to take your wiggly one's tempetraute at any angle, anywhere you might ahm, need to stick it. They are fast and accurate and just plain easy to use.
    Available via By Nature, $15.98
  • D Drops 2 of 17
    D Drops
    Once your kid hits 2 years of age, you can switch over to regular D-Drops if you were using the pediatrician recommended Baby D-Drops before then. Boost up your little one's immune system with some healing sunshine in a drop.
    Available via By Nature, $13.98
  • Linen Spray / Humidifier Drops 3 of 17
    Linen Spray / Humidifier Drops
    When a chest congestion and a nasty cough hits a toddler, (or anyone) nothing brings night-time relief quite like the warm, moist mist from a humidifier. Put a few drops of this Eucalyptus, Rosemary & Peppermint cold and flu aromatherapy blend into the humidifier water. Lightly spray your little ones pillow and sheets with this and they will get a better night's sleep.
    Learn More
    Spray available via Maple Creek Soap, $10.95
  • Black Elderberry Extract 4 of 17
    Black Elderberry Extract
    Speed up their recovery and boost their immunity with this great tasting homeopathic syrup.
    Learn more and get it via By Nature, $19.98
  • Humidifier 5 of 17
    Clearly you don't have to get this particular humidifier, but why on earth wouldn't you? I mean c'mon. Give your kid some much needed relief that a humidifier brings and better night's sleep for all.
    Learn more and get it via Allergy Be Gone, $39.99
  • Kids 0-9 Cough & Cold 6 of 17
    Kids 0-9 Cough & Cold
    A safe and effective remedy that will help alleviate your child's cough and cold symptoms just as quickly as the conventional brands.
    Learn more via Kids 0-9
    Find the night or day solution online, via Amazon, $4.35 - $8.00
  • Aromatic Chest Rub 7 of 17
    Aromatic Chest Rub
    Rub some of this balm made with organic essential oils of eucalyptus, rosemary, ravensara and tea tree on their chest and backs. Those are all traditional herbs used to soothe and ease minor colds, coughs, and stuffy noses.
    Learn more and find it over on By Nature, $16.98
  • Licorice Root Tea 8 of 17
    Licorice Root Tea
    Brew it up and serve it warm or cold. My little ones like it cold and on the weaker side (as many kids will) and since it's naturally sweet, I don't have to add any honey. I also make fresh lemon, honey and grated fresh ginger tea for them, my eldest likes it warm and to sip it from a teacup like me and youngest likes it chilled in a sippy.
    Learn more on the benefits of the Licorice Root
  • Mama’s Heating Pad 9 of 17
    Mama's Heating Pad
    When your little ones are sick, all they want is warmth, cuddles and love. I hand this one over to whomever is sick to cuddle with at night for some luxurious, moist, heat therapy and aromatherapy.
    Available via Heating Pad, $43.00
  • Pain & Fever Oral Solution 10 of 17
    Pain & Fever Oral Solution
    This stuff right here? I swear by it for reducing fever and relieving all of the aches and pains that come from being sick.
    Learn more along with the complete list of ingredients over on Kids 0-9
    Find it online via Amazon, $11.49
  • Chicken Soup 11 of 17
    Chicken Soup
    Straight up, homemade chicken soup with TONS of garlic. Now, if your little one is vomiting, all they'll be able to stomach is some lukewarm broth. If you are making it from scratch then this is a great thing - that broth will be full of the vitamins and minerals their little bodies so desperately need when sick. Plus, it just feels so good going down. When they are on the road to recovery - or if you aren't dealing with an epic flu, perhaps just a cold - then serve this up as often as you can.
    Read the Science of Chicken Soup, via the NY Times.
  • Healing, Moisturizing Salve 12 of 17
    Healing, Moisturizing Salve
    When my little ones are sick, almost immediately the red chaped cheeks and dry irritated noses commence. I used to make and sell this balm that I use for just about everything. I've spent a lot of time learning about the healing benefits of herbs and how food can be medicine if we purchase / use it right. This salve works wonders for a number of ailments, including soothing tender noses and dry, rashy cheeks. Even when my toddlers aren't sick, I smear a light application of this salve on their cheeks before we go outside to protect them from the harsh winter elements during this time of year. I'll probably always make this salve, it truly has been one of my prouder moments - this stuff just works. You can use coconut oil or olive oil or any other kind of moisturizing salve on the market.
  • Cleaning & Disenfecting 13 of 17
    Cleaning & Disenfecting
    We all know that the constant clean-up is no fun. This is a really easy to make, naturally disinfecting cleaner. One that I have no reservations in spraying liberally all over the place, multiple times a day. Half water, half hydrogen peroxide with 4 tablespoon of Dr. Bronner's peppermint castile soap and 6 drops each of tea tree oil and lavender extracts. Boom, done. And yes, oh yes - it works! This stuff bleaches countertops, can manage more heavy duty cleaning and smells great.
  • Lots of Love 14 of 17
    Lots of Love
    Probably one of the biggest things we can give our kids when they are sick is our undivided attention and tender loving care. That and lots and lots of sleep. It's kind of a bittersweet time, because they are at their most cuddly when sick.
  • Water 15 of 17
    Tons and tons of water. This is a given, right? We stay away from sugary juices and opt for organic, heavily diluted apple juice and just plain, delicious, water.
  • Wipes 16 of 17
    We go through a lot of wipes around here and I'm certainly not buying any special boogie wipes when they are sick. Since these ones are already chlorine and chemical free and super soft, they do the trick. Becasue kleenex? That stuff can just go away according to my toddlers. I often dab a bit of my homemade slave onto a wipe before giving their noses a clean, all of the repetitive wiping makes them so sore and raw and this helps keep that at bay or speed up the healing process if things are already sore.
    Find Aleva Bamboo Wipes via, $14.99
  • Cedar Baths 17 of 17
    Cedar Baths

    This is a timeless Anishinaabe way to treat fevers, rheumatic complaints, chest colds and flu. We usually forage already fallen branches or use ones from the underbelly of a cedar tree and boil them down in a big pot on the stove. The scent and warm moisture wafting throughout the home does wonders. The broth is to be sipped as a tea (on it's own or with some honey), and added into a hot (warm for kids), bath.
    Learn more about cedar and it's role in an Indigenous way of life here
    Learn more about the healing properties of cedar and other plants that were previously mentioned (like elderberry), here

    If you're not into making it yourself but believe in the benefits, this cedar and balsam mineral bath is wonderful. From Mother Earth Essentials, $7.00


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