18 Things My 18 Month Old is Doing

Last week we just had Avery’s 18-month wellness checkup. I am always prepared going into these visits to be asked many questions by her pediatrician to make sure she is on track developmentally. Thankfully (and I’m very grateful for it), I answer yes to many of the questions. This means that developmentally Avery is on track with most other 18-month-olds. Although she is tiny (underweight in both height and weight), she is doing just about everything else toddlers her age are doing.

I love taking a step back and looking at all of the milestones and developments that Avery has made over the past couple of months. Take a look at what Avery, my-18 month-old, is doing.

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  • Sit Down and Relax 2 of 19

    Usually Avery is go, go, go, but lately she has been sitting in one place for an extended amount of time to just sit back and relax. It's a nice little change from running after her all the time. 

  • Getting into Mischief 3 of 19

    I was cooking dinner while both girls came up to me with makeup on their faces. Apparently big sister Harlan found it and they both had fun using it. Avery knew exactly what she was doing and couldn't keep the grin off of her face. 

  • Tearing Everything to Shreds 4 of 19

    Avery has a new found fascination with ripping paper. She will rip anything and everything she comes into contact with. She finds it absolutely hilarious. 

  • Plays Dress Up 5 of 19

    She loves dressing up. Even in her big sister's outfits. She will run around showing off her outfits to everyone. 

  • Cuddles 6 of 19

    I love that Avery is becoming much more of a cuddler. She will just crawl up on my lap and sit with me for a little while. It's the little moments like that that I'll cherish forever. 

  • Conquering Fears 7 of 19

    I've been so proud of Avery doing things that she used to be scared of. She was always terrified of the water, but soon learned how much fun it was. 

  • Playing Baby 8 of 19

    Perhaps it's the new baby on the way and all of the baby talk in our household, but Avery is always wanting to be the baby. Her big sister Harlan takes advantage of every second of it. 

  • Stays Up Late 9 of 19

    This girl is able to stay up later and later. I have no idea why, but she would stay up all night if I let her. It's a trend that I'd like to get rid of very soon. 

  • Screaming 10 of 19

    This girl has a very high pitched scream and she knows just how ear piercing it can be. She chooses some of the most quiet moments to let it out and then will sit there and laugh as everyone looks at her. 

  • Makes Crazy Faces 11 of 19

    If you tell Avery to make a funny face, she will make some of the craziest looking faces I've ever seen. It makes for the perfect, light-hearted, and funniest moments. 

  • Conquers the Slide on Her Own 12 of 19

    She's mastered the big slide on the playground. She will climb up and go down all on her own. It's pretty amazing to watch. 

  • Eats Everything in Sight 13 of 19

    This girl loves to eat. She might be underweight, but you would never know with all of the food she consumes. Don't deprive her of her food, because she will get angry. The first thing she does when she wakes up in the morning is ask for food. Even before you get her out of her crib. This girl is an eating machine. 

  • Attempts to do Big Girl Things 14 of 19

    Now that Avery is getting older, she is attempting to do every big girl thing that she sees her older sister doing. Even trying to ride the skateboard on her stroller. 

  • Exploring 15 of 19
    IMG_6625 copy

    Avery will explore every nook and cranny of any new location she is at. She wants to thoroughly get to know the new space from all angles! 

  • Attempts Weird Things with Her Food 16 of 19

    Yes, this is her trying to eat her waffle with a toothbrush. She will try to dip apples in ketchup and other weird combinations. I think it's disgusting, but who am I to judge?

  • Jumping on the Bed 17 of 19

    A bad habit that her sister taught her and now I can't get her to stop doing because she thinks it is absolutely hilarious.

  • Gets Very Jealous 18 of 19

    Two seconds before this photo was taken, my husband and I were taking a photo. Avery was not happy with just us two being in the photo, so she had to get one for herself. She was so jealous that she wasn't in the picture.

  • Climbs on Everything 19 of 19

    I have to be very careful around our apartment because she will attempt to climb on just about anything and everything in sight.

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