The 19 Best Moments of One Toddler’s 2013

Someday, Vivi will look back at certain years and remember them because of major life events—the year she graduated from high school, the year she won the science fair, the year she graduated college, they year she got gold in the Olympics, the year she bought her first house,  the year she became CEO, the year she got married and maybe the year she had her first baby. What she won’t really remember is 2013, which is sad because it’s been a really good year. But that’s what I’m here for, to remember it for her. I will always remember 2013 as the year we really settled into a routine as a family, as well as the year I realized that two is probably the magic number for us. This year has been so busy and has gone by so fast and keeping up with Vivi has had a lot to do with both.

While there were no science fairs, promotions to CEO or other major life events worthy of putting on a resume, there have been plenty of moments worth of remembering as really good ones. If only we could all be as happy with ourselves at the end of a good year for simply enjoying the life we’ve been given. What would you say were some of the best moments in your own toddler’s life this year?

  • When She Discovered She Could Eat Snow 1 of 21

    When it snowed last week she asked to eat snowflakes all day. I would fill a bowl with fresh powdery snow and she'd eat it just like cereal. (The problem is when she stopped to take a bite of dirty snow in the middle of a parking lot.)

  • When UPS Dropped Off This Box 2 of 21

    Any time a Vivi-sized box (or bigger) is dropped off you can count on Vivi being in it with a blanket and crayon for a majority of the day.

  • When I Stuck These Balls Down Her Shirt 3 of 21

    Put balls down a toddlers shirt, laugh for a moment. Teach a toddler to stuff balls down her own shirt and they'll make you laugh at really random times.

  • When I Brought Home This Trampoline 4 of 21

    It's an unwritten rule in the Midwest that in order to survive the six months of miserable winter with a toddler, and make it to April with your sanity, you must turn one room of your home into a rumpus room.

  • When She Discovered Silly Straws 5 of 21


  • When She Turned Two 6 of 21

    She was surrounded by her very own balloons, got new toys, went to the park with her favorite people, ate pizza and a  devoured an entire cupcake.

  • When We Put Her Slide in the Pool 7 of 21

    As if the kiddie pool wasn't enough, we blew her mind when we put her indoor rumpus room slide into the pool.

  • When She Discovered Sparklers 8 of 21

    The Fourth of July was memorable this year because of Vivi jumping around screaming "FIREWORKS GO BOOM!" and her belief that sparklers were the coolest thing we had ever let her do.

  • When She Got This Ball From Target 9 of 21

    Money can buy happiness because it bought this $1.99 ball for Vivi.

  • When We Got a Bubble Machine 10 of 21

    Vivi loves bubbles. I get a little lightheaded trying to keep up with the output of bubbles needed to keep her happy (it's a low blood pressure thing.) Enter the bubble tornado machine—thousands of bubbles and a very happy toddler with the flip of a switch.

    Go technology.

  • When She Had an Underdog 11 of 21

    "UNDERGOGGIE!" was her first four syllable word and I heard it all summer long. The only reason I didn't get tired of it was because I heard her giggle after every push.

  • When She Had Her Own Frozen Treat 12 of 21

    There's a food truck in downtown Indy that sells locally-made, organic frozen pops. She sort of became the mascot of the treats with every Instagram shot of her enjoying herself in the hot summer sun.

  • When Addie Brought Home an Elephant and Piggie Book 13 of 21

    Addie is allowed to borrow two books a week from the school library, she always picks a chapter book for her and an Elephant and Piggie book to read to Vivi at night. So began an obsession (an obsession none of us have a problem with.)

  • When Addie Gets Off the Bus 14 of 21

    If I ever need to convince Vivi to leave somewhere I just have to tell her we have to get Addie off the bus. It's easily my most favorite part of their relationship.

  • When She Saw the Bunnies at the State Fair 15 of 21

    There isn't a weekend that goes by that Vivi doesn't ask to go see the animals at the fair, specifically the bunnies. I hope she's still this excited about bunnies next August. (Considering I still get excited about seeing the bunnies, I think we're good.)

  • When She Rode Her First Midway Ride 16 of 21

    Cody and I were never allowed to ride the rides at the fair. This year, we let Vivi go on a few with Addie and it has most certainly become something we have to do one day a year. I can't wait to take her to Disneyworld in January.

  • When She Got to Go to The Playground 17 of 21

    Addie goes to gymnastics twice and week, and in the fall Vivi had to come with us. To keep her happy she got to spend the entire time at a playground down the street. A whole playground to yourself twice a week? That's good news for a toddler.

  • When We Put Her Slide Into the Pool (Again) 18 of 21

    We pulled out the old slide/kiddie pool trick again at the end of the summer and she was even happier with her new found confidence and skills in sliding.

  • When She Got to Go to Addie’s Gym 19 of 21

    Addie's gym offers an open preschool playtime once a week, now every week revolves around when it's Vivi's turn to do 'nastics. (She prefers the trampoline and beam.)

  • When She Discovered Her Other Bunny 20 of 21

    A couple of weeks ago Vivi found a spare bunny that was never supposed to be seen. I've seen her happy, but never THIS happy.  Even if you were to combine every other simple joy on this list they wouldn't outdo the few minutes she had two bunnies.

  • When She Met Santa 21 of 21

    Wait, this was supposed to be best moments of her year.

    This was one of the best moments of mine, sorry about that.

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