2 Potty Training Secrets from Our Modern Mary Poppins

potty training secretsOur toddlers started going to school with our sitter that I like to refer to as the modern Mary Poppins.  This lady cared for our 2 older kids from the time they were to babies, until Kindergarten.  For the summer, the boys were able to take 2 open spots that she had and like with our older kids – this woman has a gift for raising and loving babies.

When the boys started her school, we had just started potty training Izaiah again.  He had been doing great and ALMOST there, but then a stomach bug that wouldn’t quit side lined our potty training adventures.  We let her know that we wanted to make sure he was going to the potty and not in a pull-up or diaper. “No problem” she said, but obviously she didn’t know the stubbornness of this child of mine.

The first day he went, no accidents. I had been working with him for weeks, and while he was improving – there were ALWAYS accidents. The second day, no accidents AND he pooped in the potty. WTH! He had never pooped in the toilet for me!  I gave my husband clear instructions to find out what her potty training secret was.

Here are her 2 potty training secrets that have been a game changer in our pursuit of not having to pay for diapers (for our oldest toddler, at least.)

1. Don’t ask your child is he needs to go potty. Make him sit on the toilet every hour. No questions ask, no choice in the matter. I was constantly asking him, “Do you need to go potty?” when he didn’t even recognize if he did or didn’t.  As long as we keep up this charade at home, we are accident free.

2. During nap time, keep their underwear on – but place a pull-up over the underwear.  The feeling of underwear, rather than diaper helps keep them aware that it’s not something to pee in (but if they do, the pull-up is there to help.)

The boys have attended now for 4 weeks. Izaiah has only had 1 accident and it was minor. We are still working with him at home, but as long as we are on him to go to the potty (no options), he is good and he is now recognizing that he has to go and running to the bathroom by himself.

Now I just pray she will have 2 openings open up for the school year so that we can get our other toddler Zeke potty trained. Diaper free days are coming soon! WOOHOO!

What is Your Best Potty Training Secret?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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