2 Years of Zeke

Dear Zeke,

This past Saturday, you turned 2 years old.  I am shaking my head and saying the words that every mother has uttered about her children…. Where does the time go? 

It seems like just yesterday, I was pregnant awaiting your arrival.  We knew you were a boy, but didn’t tell anyone. We chose the name Zeke, based on the biblical named Ezekiel. We then gave you 2 middle names so that you would have to forever shake your head when filling out any type of application or form. Sorry about that, but both names meant so much. One name being your dad’s grandpa’s and another my grandma’s maiden name. Hopefully you will forgive us for that.

While I adore your brothers and sister, there is something special about you. Each day, you make me pause and appreciate life a little more. It wasn’t until you were born, that I really took the time to stop and appreciate everything that we had.

Each morning, sometimes early afternoon because you are a ROCK STAR sleeper,  when we do our wake-up routine, you just light up my life with your sweet smile and gentle demeanor.  You are a miniature version of your father, the greatest man I know. I pray that you will learn and grow up to be just like him — kind, compassionate, full of grace and loving. Sorry, most of those attributes don’t necessarily describe your mother (just remember I mean well!)

As the fourth child, you are the final piece to our family puzzle. Once you arrived 2 years ago, our family was complete. You just fit, there’s no better way to describe it.  We brought you home, and it all just made sense. God gave us you to raise and with that responsibility, we will do everything in our powers to try to do it right. (And we will totally screw up sometimes, that’s why I want you to be full of grace, like your dad.)

In the perfect world, you would remain the sweet, innocent and adorable child that you are today. The reality is…. this world is corrupt. You will grow up. We will have our differences and challenges. Being 2 years old, won’t even be a memory. And while that all totally sucks, I will still be your mom, the one who loves you unconditionally and will be forever your cheerleader.

I know you are just 2-years-old now, and (thankfully) can’t grasp the reality of what this world is and is about, there is one thing I want you to always know….  Zeke, you are so loved.

Happy Birthday!

– Mommy

2 Years of Zeke

  • In Utero 1 of 28

    Here you are, before making your public appearance.

  • Hello World! 2 of 28

    Taken just a few minutes after your birth, your face has always been angelic.

  • Going Home 3 of 28

    Apparently the hospital thought we were fit enough to be your parents! We are trying our best buddy. Look at how tiny you were!

  • 2 Weeks Old 4 of 28

    For the record, you peed on me more than all 3 other children combined.

  • Lil’ Dude 5 of 28

    This face. I so love it.

  • Baby Steve Jobs 6 of 28

    For your first Halloween, you were baby Steve Jobs.  One thing we do not lack in this house, is fun. Thankfully you are always a good sport. 

  • First Christmas 7 of 28

    Such a big boy, and always happy. I guess it was Christmas, who wouldn't be!

  • Dog Pile 8 of 28

    Family dog pile. Zeke is on top.

  • Mighty Cone 9 of 28

    You love ice cream and the Mighty Cone from the Austin food trucks was most definitely one of your faves!

  • Our 1 Year Old! 10 of 28

    Here you are Zeke, during your first birthday party.

  • Pumpkin Patch 11 of 28

    With your peep, a.k.a. siblings at the pumpkin patch. 

  • Stuck in the Toy Box 12 of 28

    While you love people, you will sit for an hour just playing happily by yourself.

  • Second Christmas 13 of 28

    Your second Christmas. Christmas morning was spent running around opening everyone else's gifts.

  • Forever the Baby 14 of 28

    Yes, you have us wrapped around your finger.

  • No Sleep in Hotel Rooms 15 of 28

    Since your birth, you have a thing against hotel rooms. You hate them and refuse to sleep in them!

  • Crazy Eyes 16 of 28

    You are so silly. I showed you this photo and you just LOL'd and wanted to see it again and again.

  • Nose Ring 17 of 28

    This photo was taken just 5 minutes before you yanked out my nose ring. Look at how cute you are, even when you unintentionally hurt your mom.

  • Your Bubba 18 of 28

    Your oldest brother, E adores you. I wish I could say the same about Izaiah. He likes you, but is just too busy being jealous to get how cool of a cat that you are.

  • Cheese! 19 of 28

    How can I say no to this face.

  • 3 of My 4 Boys 20 of 28

    Here you are with your bestie brother Izaiah, who is 16 months older than you - and your beloved daddy.

  • Almost 2! 21 of 28

    Here you are, just about to turn 2 - wearing your favorite sock monkey slippers and a diaper. This is your normal toddler wardrobe.

  • Working the Stairs 22 of 28

    2 years old, and you have these stairs figured out.

  • Snuggle Bug 23 of 28

    I am going to be so sad the day you refuse to cuddle.

  • 2 Years Old 24 of 28

    This year, you knew the Happy Birthday song. You sang, you smile and you blew your candles out!

  • Heart Breaker 25 of 28

    You are officially 2 years old buddy!

  • Grandma B 26 of 28

    Here you are with grandma B, and the froggy she bought you.

  • #1 Aunt 27 of 28

    This is your #1 aunt Betsy. Do know that while she loves to think she owns the title, you have several other aunts who compete for this title as well.

  • Official Measurements 28 of 28

    Your dad and his square measures each child on their birthday. You were so excited to see how tall you were!

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