16 Activities for Bored Toddlers

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After my second child turned 2, I went back to work full-time. The kids went to daycare and all was well. I had my third and then fourth child in 2010 and 2011 respectively. After Zeke, our fourth was born, I knew he would be our last and wanted to find ways to work at home and not have to keep the younger kids in daycare full-time.

The last year and a half, I have been at home working with my kids at my feet. Fortunately, I tend to work in the wee hours of the morning leaving me plenty of time with the kids. We go on play dates and go to playgroups, but then there is that lull of what to do when we are home.

So what do you do to keep your toddlers busy? Sure, there is the TV or iPad – both of which my kids know but I don’t want them obsessed with it. What to do, what to do.. and then there is PINTEREST. No, thankfully these kids aren’t Pinteresting. Could you imagine that? Leave it to Pinterest to have some fun ideas to make. These will keep your toddler busy and prevent toddler boredom!

Here are 16 activities for bored toddlers:

1. Icy Paint

Using salt paint create a icy winter scene with this simple recipe.
Learn more at Hand On As We Grow

2. Safe Sewing

This is a quick and easy way to introduce your toddler to showing.
Learn more at Toddler Toddler

3. Indoor Bubble Wrap Hopscotch

fter we moved, we let the kids have at it with the bubble wrap. Talk about noise with tons of laughter! Try this indoor bubble wrap hopscotch with your toddler
Learn more at Noosh Kids

4. DIY Match Game

Using random objects from around the house, make a match game.
Learn more at Happy Hooligans

5. Ice Boats

While the creator suggests using these boats (pictured above) in the tub, I think these would work just great in a water table as well.
Learn more at El hada de papel

6. Cornmeal Sensory Play

As much as my kids like sticking their hands into substances, I know they would love this activity! Learn more at Hands on as We Grow

7. Fruit Loops Necklace

Make snack time craft time with this darling fruit loops necklace idea.
Learn more at Hill Yeah

8. Color Wheel

Teach your kids colors with this easy activity that will help your toddler learn his colors.
Learn more at Engaging Toddler Activities

9. Sponge Tower

Start your toddler training for Jenga competition now with this sponge tower.
Learn more at Toddler Approved

10. Toddler Tennis

This form of tennis seems safer for our house than the ball play they love to do.
Learn more at Toddler Approved

11. I-Spy Jar

This is such a cute idea. Only words of wisdom, just make sure this thing is sealed. Nothing worse then mom i-spying a HUGE mess!
Learn more at The Joy of My Life

12. Peeling Tape

Oh, if my kids inherited any of my OCD, they will love this activity (and it’s SO simple!).
Learn more at The Stay At Home Mom Survival Guide

13. Lacing Activity

Teach your toddler the fine art of lacing. This activity is great for helping develop motor skills.
Learn more at What We Do All Day

14. Sight Words

I love this way to teach kids how to spell sight words. So easy and out of the box.
Learn more at Make Take Teach

15. Paper Bag Monsters

Make paper bag monsters and then throw a puppet show!
Learn more at Little Family Fun

16. Potato Head Book

Remember Mr. Potato Head? Make him (or his Mrs) into felt and create a quiet book for your toddler.
Learn more at Jocelyn and Jason


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