20 Adorable Toddler Birthday Shirts from Etsy

Do you have a toddler with a birthday soon? Or are you looking for a great toddler birthday gift? We are in the midst of planning a little birthday party for our soon to be 2-year-old.  While I like to do birthday parties on the cheap, I always try to get the little ones a birthday shirt. Not only does it look super cute in their birthday party photographs, it’s something they can wear for the next year. Leave it to the creatives on Etsy to create adorable and mostly affordable birthday shirts.

Check out these 20 toddler birthday shirts. There is a theme or style that will fit every toddler!

  • Adorable Birthday Shirts for Toddlers 1 of 21

    Check out these 20 adorable toddler birthday shirts that are perfect for birthday party attire or a birthday photo shoot.

  • Airplanes Birthday Shirt 2 of 21

    The perfect shirt for the little one that loves airplanes or for a airplane birthday party. 

    Purchase for $26 at Etsy

  • Birthday Suit 3 of 21

    A birthday suit and a bow tie. How cute is this?! 

    Purchase for $25 at Etsy

  • Bling Birthday Shirt 4 of 21

    Like a little bling bling? Shirts like this only work for toddlers. I just don't think I'm 34 would look cute on me.

    Purchase for $28 at Etsy

  • Cute and Simple Birthday Shirt 5 of 21

    I actually ordered this shirt in short sleeves for Izaiah when he turned 2. You can personalize with your name and  child's age and choose the color of shirt and print. 

    Purchase for $19.99 at Etsy

  • Cartoon Birthday Shirt 6 of 21

    Gotta love this cartoonish font!  Announce your toddler's age with this birthday shirt. 

    Purchase for $16 at Etsy

  • Chevron Birthday Outfit 7 of 21

    Here is why I love Etsy. I'm looking for shirts, I find a whole outfit custom made chevron birthday outfit. Adorable and affordable!

    Purchase for $25.95 at Etsy

  • Frog Birthday Shirt 8 of 21

    Having a frog themed birthday party or have a little one that loves frogs? Your frog loving toddler will love this frog birthday shirt!

    Purchase for $9.99 at Etsy

  • Elmo Birthday Shirt 9 of 21

    For the Elmo fan - a darling Elmo birthday shirt that you child can wear wear round.

    Purchase for $25 at Etsy

  • Tattoo Sleeves Birthday Shirt 10 of 21

    For the tattoo loving parent - this hot rod birthday shirt comes with tattoo sleeves for your toddler. 

    Purchase for $35 at Etsy

  • Mickey Birthday Shirt 11 of 21

    Celebrating your birthday Disney style? This darling Mickey birthday shirt can be customized with your toddlers age. 

    Purchase for $21.50 at Etsy

  • Mustache Birthday Shirt 12 of 21

    For Izaiah's second birthday we did a mustache party. I so wish we had this shirt! This is actually a printable for use as a t-shirt transfer. 

    Purchase for $2.99 at Etsy

  • Birthday Shirt 13 of 21

    This is a machine appliqued birthday shirt that can be customized with various patterns and customized with your toddler's name and age.

    Purchase for $18 at Etsy

  • Rocket Shirt 14 of 21

    Do you have a future astronaut or  a rocket ship lover? If you are having a space themed party, this rocket birthday shirt would be perfect for your toddler. 

    Purchase for $18.95 at Etsy


  • Star Wars Birthday Shirt 15 of 21

    The perfect Star Wars birthday shirt for your future Jedi!

    Purchase for $13.99 at Etsy

  • Seuss Birthday Shirt 16 of 21

    One fish. Two fish. Red Fish. Blue Fish. A Seuss birthday shirt for your favorite little Seuss fan.

    Purchase for $20 at Etsy

  • Two. 17 of 21

    This two birthday tank top is so simple, but gets the job done. Cute font stating your toddler's age—though if your 2-year-old is anything like mine was, you knew he was 2 from those temper tantrums.

    Purchase like $15 at Etsy

  • Tractor Birthday Shirt 18 of 21

    There is something about a big tractor moving around dirt that makes a boy's heart happy. This tractor birthday shirt would make a great addition to a birthday party where the kids play construction in the dirt!

    Purchase for $12.95 at Etsy

  • Toddler Birthday Shirt 19 of 21

    This neon birthday shirt screams SUMMER! Or 80's! A retro birthday party for toddlers? While they might not get it, a toddler sporting neon and parachute pants would be too cute.

    Purchase like $21.95 at Etsy

  • Candle Birthday Shirt 20 of 21

    Looking for a simple toddler birthday shirt? Regardless of theme, this birthday shirt would be adorable in photos.

    Purchase for $14.95 at Etsy

  • Yo Gabba Gabba 21 of 21

    Yo Gabba Gabba birthday shirt with all of your favorite characters. If your toddler is Yo Gabba Gabba obsessed like my 3-year-old, this would be the highlight of the birthday party and his or her wardrobe. 

    Purchase for $24 at Etsy


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