20 Awesome Home Decor Ideas Using Chalkboard Paint

Although, I would love to have an easel for Mazzy to draw on to her heart’s content, I live in a small NYC apartment and that’s just not possible. We have enough trouble finding space for our kitchen table.

The best small space solution I have found for giving your child an unlimited canvas, is chalkboard paint. Not only is it cheap and easy to apply, there are numerous ways that you can use it— for your kids or just as a design element.

We’ve used it in our kitchen (as the backdrop for a wall of photographs) and our bedroom (for a simple framed piece over the bed) but my favorite place is the back of our front door. We keep grocery and to-do lists on the top and Mazzy uses the bottom half as place to be draw and be creative.

The front door also happens to be metal so Mazzy uses it to put all her magnetic letters. She’s also decorated it with magnetic blocks and outfits from magnetic dress-up dolls.

Best of all, it takes up absolutely no space whatsoever.

Below are 20 more creative ideas for using chalkboard paint.

  • Back of the front door 1 of 20
    Back of the front door
    That's my front door and that's my daughter Mazzy drawing and organizing the alphabet in her favorite spot.
  • Desk Calendar 2 of 20
    Desk Calendar
    What better way to organize a family than keep a calendar out in the open rather than buried in your computer?
    Found on Decorpics
  • Entire wall 3 of 20
    Entire wall
    Chalkboard black is gorgeous in a kitchen and letting everyone leave messages and the kids draw creates a very lively space.
    Found on Desire to Inspire
  • The Fridge 4 of 20
    The Fridge
    You can use it for everything from grocery lists to words of the day.
    Found on Brightnest
  • Headboard 5 of 20
    I could see this as a really fun option for a toddler bed. A perfect place for a 'sweet dreams' message.
    Found on Home Edit
  • Kitchen Cabinets 6 of 20
    Kitchen Cabinets
    Let the kids have a free for all or use it to label what's in each cabinet.
    Found on Manolo for the Home
  • Bathroom 7 of 20
    Easiest way to switch up your bathroom decor weekly.
    Found on Designing Life
  • Magnetic Chalkboard Paint 8 of 20
    Magnetic Chalkboard Paint
    The addition of magnetic paint means you can hang magnets, pieces of their artwork or a blank piece of paper for the kids to draw on as well.
    Found on Magnetic Chalkboard Paint
  • Create a headboard 9 of 20
    Create a headboard
    Your never find a fancier cheaper option than this!
    Found on Simple Design
  • Inside a lunchbox 10 of 20
    Inside a lunchbox
    The perfect place to leave daily notes for your kids while they are away at school.
    Found on DIY Home Sweet Home
  • Top of the Kitchen Table 11 of 20
    Top of the Kitchen Table
    Perfect way to keep kids occupied until everyone is finished dinner.
    Found on Houzz
  • Back of a chair 12 of 20
    Back of a chair
    Great way for a kid to learn how to write or identify her name.
    Found on Brightnest
  • Speech Bubble 13 of 20
    Speech Bubble
    Another great idea for over the bed. You can even switch up the message for your kid to find in the morning.
    Found on flickr
  • On top of a Kid’s Table 14 of 20
    On top of a Kid's Table
    This is an Ikea table painted with chalkboard paint at a toyshop called Piccolini in lower Manhattan.
    Check out Piccolinir
  • Under the kitchen counter 15 of 20
    Under the kitchen counter
    I can bet this is totally untapped space.
    Found on Emily A. Clark
  • Storage Labels 16 of 20
    Storage Labels
    A really simple way to organize a toy closet, craft closet or pantry.
    Found on Benjamin Moore
  • Tell a Story 17 of 20
    Tell a Story
    This is a beautiful way to tell a story using words and photos.
    Found on A Beach Cottage
  • Kid’s Dresser 18 of 20
    Kid's Dresser
    A drawing space plus a fun way to label drawers. You can even use pictures for kids who don't know how to read but are interested in picking out their own clothes.
    Found on Frugal Design Girl
  • The Entire Room 19 of 20
    The Entire Room
    Design a whole back wall, even paint the dresser and the floor. It's a simple way to get everything to match. Just don't expect it to last forever.
    Found on The Beautiful Soup
  • On a Pumpkin 20 of 20
    On a Pumpkin
    The lease messy way to create a jack'o lantern. Halloween is coming up!
    Found on The 36th Ave

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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