20 Bizarro Potty Training Chairs

I live in a modern NYC apartment with limited space. And in general, I prefer my baby gear to be sleek and compact with minimal eyesore potential. So when it came to selecting a potty training chair, I went with a simple, ergonomic model that took up the least amount of space in our bathroom: the Baby Bjorn Smart Potty.

However, my daughter is not that motivated to sit on it, and as a result, we’ve had a few potty training setbacks.

Case in point: A few days ago, Mazzy sat on the potty fully naked. After all of two seconds, before anything happened, she stood up impatiently and put the potty on her head.

Then she surprised herself by peeing on the floor so she quickly sat down to correct her mistake.

Picture my confused, naked daughter sitting on the bathroom floor in a puddle of her own pee with a potty on her head saying …

“Where’s my potty?”

I think if she had one of the ridiculous potties featured below, that probably never would have happened. (I mean, she may have still peed on the floor, but it’s highly unlikely that she could have balanced “Her Majesty’s Throne” on her head.)

  • Princess Potty 1 of 20
    Princess Potty
    Make sure you find gold leaf toilet paper to match. Your little princess deserves nothing less.
    Discovered on Potty Training Central
  • Jackpot Potty 2 of 20
    Jackpot Potty
    Good luck on the slots — three poops in a row wins!
    Discovered on Strange Deals
  • Western Potty 3 of 20
    Western Potty
    Make things extra challenging with this potty on a rocker. Life on a ranch is TOUGH!
    Discovered on Potty Training Concepts
  • Ride ’em Potty 4 of 20
    Ride 'em Potty
    For kids that would rather poop in the playground.
    Discovered on Potty Training Concepts
  • Monkey Bowl 5 of 20
    Monkey Bowl
    When you're finished, close the lid and toss the whole thing at your mother!
    Discovered on Potty Training Concepts
  • Ancient Greek Potty 6 of 20
    Ancient Greek Potty
    Kind of looks like an incense burner. Except it smells WAY WORSE.
    Discovered on Hobo Mama
  • Cookie Monster Potty 7 of 20
    Cookie Monster Potty
    I shudder to think what those chocolate chips are made out of.
    Discovered on Etsy
  • The Director’s Chair 8 of 20
    The Director's Chair
    For control freak kids who like to run the show.
    Discovered on Potty Training Concepts
  • Noah’s Ark Potty 9 of 20
    Noah's Ark Potty
    This potty would be even better if it was meant for twins.
    Discovered on Net Kid's Wear
  • Straddle-a-Potty 10 of 20
    Now that I think of it, "Pooh" is totally poised to take over the potty industry completely.
    Discovered on Thingamababy
  • The Majestic Throne 11 of 20
    The Majestic Throne
    Personalize the throne with a picture of your child, so there is no confusion as to who should be using it.
    Discovered on Potty Training Central
  • Porcelain Mini-bowl 12 of 20
    Porcelain Mini-bowl
    I imagine this is the potty that Blue Ivy will eventually use.
    Discovered on Cheaper Than Therapy
  • School Bus Potty 13 of 20
    School Bus Potty
    Hopefully, that cat closes his eyes for decency's sake.

    Discovered on Potty Training Central
  • SpongeBob Potty 14 of 20
    SpongeBob Potty
    Call me crazy, but potty training-aged kids should not be familiar with SpongeBob.
    Discovered on Potty Training Central
  • Hoppop Potty 15 of 20
    Hoppop Potty
    Don't confuse this modern potty with your cereal bowl. I assure you, the contents taste like CRAP.

    Discovered on Grassroots Modern
  • Sad Kangaroo Potty 16 of 20
    Sad Kangaroo Potty
    Is it a kangaroo or a rabbit? Or maybe a mouse? Any which way, it's WEIRD.
    Discovered on tootoo
  • Dinosaur Potty 17 of 20
    Dinosaur Potty
    These handmade potties convert to a regular chair. They also alert passing dinosaurs on the highway.
    Discovered on Etsy
  • Rustic Potty 18 of 20
    Rustic Potty
    After training is complete, you can keep your house warm by burning this in the fireplace.
    Discovered on Parent Coaching for Autism
  • Antique Wicker Potty 19 of 20
    Antique Wicker Potty
    I can only imagine the pattern embedded into your child's behind when he/she gets up.
    Discovered on Michaan's Auctions
  • Potty Cake 20 of 20
    Potty Cake
    Potty training complete? Don't forget to celebrate!
    Discovered on Cake Central

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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