20 Things to Do With Your Empty Cereal Boxes (Your Toddler Will LOVE These!)

cereal box craftsIf I send my husband to the store, he will buy everything on my list, plus at least 3 boxes of cereal. I guess it’s in his DNA, which has been passed to my children. We are cereal lovers (well, minus me). If the kids could live on cereal alone, they would. While typically our cereal boxes end up in the recycle bin, some creative people have come up with fabulous ideas for upcycling your empty cereal boxes!

Your toddler will love these ideas. Get your craft hat on people, we’re upcycling!

Here are 20 Things to Do With Your Empty Cereal Boxes:

  • Cereal Box Guitars 1 of 20
    Cereal Box Guitars
    Your little rockstars will absolutely love these upcycled cereal box guitars!
    Learn More at the Frankers Acres
  • Cereal Box Post Box 2 of 20
    Cereal Box Post Box
    While this one is made from an iPad box, a cereal box would work just as well. Create a post box, hang on your child's door and fill with love notes.
    Learn More at Lilla a Design
  • Cereal Box Puzzle 3 of 20
    Cereal Box Puzzle
    Take your child's favorite cereal and make a puzzle out of the box.
    Learn More at Artzy Creations
  • Cereal Box 3-D Star 4 of 20
    Cereal Box 3-D Star
    Check out this cool 3-D star made from a cereal box! This would be a darling decoration for a toddler's room or playroom!
    Learn More at Grey Luster Girl
  • Cereal Box Crown 5 of 20
    Cereal Box Crown
    A perfect upcycle for your prince or princess. Her majesty will love this!
    Learn More at A Little Learning for Two
  • Cereal Box City 6 of 20
    Cereal Box City
    Who needs those fancy plastic toys that cost money, just use a couple of cereal boxes and make a cereal box city. Let your child's imagination go wild!
    Learn More at Dinner a Love Story
  • Cereal Box Map 7 of 20
    Cereal Box Map
    Out with the old way of teaching state, how about this.... "What state is Cheerios?
    Learn More at Inhabitots
  • Cereal Box Sailboat 8 of 20
    Cereal Box Sailboat
    Make and decorate a sailboat with your tot.
    Learn More at First Palette
  • Cereal Box Shrek Mask 9 of 20
    Cereal Box Shrek Mask
    Turn your child into an ogre with this DIY Shrek mask.
    Learn More at Toddler Toddler
  • Cereal Box Valentines Box 10 of 20
    Cereal Box Valentines Box
    Collect your child's Valentines in an adorable box made from a cereal box.
    Learn More at Kaboose
  • Cereal Box Postcards 11 of 20
    Cereal Box Postcards
    Let your toddler draw or write a letter to Grandma with these fun upcycled postcards!
    Learn More at Cooks and Creates
  • Cereal Box Journal 12 of 20
    Cereal Box Journal
    Your tot will be sketching away with this cute cereal box journal/notebook.
    Learn More at Simple Home Stuff
  • Cereal Box Book Holder 13 of 20
    Cereal Box Book Holder
    Put a collection of your child's favorite paperback books in this nifty book holder made from a cereal box.
    Learn More at Org Junkie
  • Cereal Box Marble Track 14 of 20
    Cereal Box Marble Track
    Talk about neato, check out this marble track!
    Learn More at Made By Joel
  • Cereal Shadow Box Theatre 15 of 20
    Cereal Shadow Box Theatre
    Get ready for a shadow box show, check out this fun and creative cereal box upcycle.
    Lear More at
  • Cereal Box 3-D Alphabet Letters 16 of 20
    Cereal Box 3-D Alphabet Letters
    How fun! Check out these 3-D letters. Put them on the wall as a great way to teach your toddler the ABC's.
    Learn More at Millionayres
  • Cereal Box Flip Flops 17 of 20
    Cereal Box Flip Flops
    These are simply darling! Make fun dress-up flip flops in various colors and sizes using, you guessed it... a cereal box!
    Learn More at Spoonful
  • Cereal Box Bookmarks 18 of 20
    Cereal Box Bookmarks
    Help your tot save his place in a good book with these fun bookmarks.
    Learn More at My Plum Pudding
  • Cereal Box Scrapbooks 19 of 20
    Cereal Box Scrapbooks
    Start a scrapbook with your little one and put the pages into these fun cereal box books!
    Learn More at Cut Out and Keep
  • Cereal Box Car Race Track 20 of 20
    Cereal Box Car Race Track
    For the little one that loves to race cars, check out this fun track that adheres to the wall. I see hours of fun ahead with this creation!
    Learn More on Our Everyday Things

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