20 Great Prints for Your Toddlers Room!

You are loved!

When it came to decorating our toddlers’ room we kind of let them decide what they wanted. Our middle son is pretty much obsessed with fire trucks and the Disney Pixar movie Cars, so that is what we did when we decorated it. Thankfully he outgrew dinosaurs before I had to go on a wild goose hunt for a dinosaur bedding set.

Now that Addison is a toddler I have been making small but fun changes to her nursery to help expand it into a “big girl” room as she gets older. We’ve been giving away the old stuff to those in need, and in turn making room for the new.

As soon as I found out Addison was a girl when I was pregnant, I started spending tons of time on Etsy looking for all different kinds of owl stuff. Adorable owl and bird themed anything: prints, pillows, wall decor — you name it and I had to have it for her room. Now that she is getting a little older I’ve been looking for some different kind of wall art to frame and hang.

Just before I started my hunt again, her aunt got her a hand-painted picture of her name in Chinese with a beautiful cherry blossom tree from her trip to China. It is beautiful and will go perfectly with the rest of her bedroom.

But for all of those who don’t end up with surprise pictures I saved some of my favorites when I was searching on Etsy!

I hope you enjoy all of these as much as I did, and maybe even get a little inspiration for decor in your toddler’s bedroom.

  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow 1 of 20
    Somewhere Over the Rainbow
    I love the song, and this is an awesome, beautiful, and colorful companion print to help brighten up your toddler's room.
    Check Out Sugar Fresh Etsy
  • Pirates Need to Clean 2 of 20
    Pirates Need to Clean
    Got a toddler that may not like to clean? Here's an easy fix: tell them Pirates even need to clean!
    Check Out Fit to Print Designs Etsy!
  • You Are Loved 3 of 20
    You Are Loved
    An amazing reminder for your child. No matter what, toddlers always need to know they are very loved by their parents (like all children!).
    Check Out Art by Nataera Etsy!
  • Braver, Stronger, Smarter… 4 of 20
    Braver, Stronger, Smarter...
    This is one of my favorite quotes of all time! It is something that my parents always reminded me when I was a kid, and now I do the same with my own children. I totally love the owls on this one too!
    Check Out Designs by Maya Etsy!
  • Now We Have Everything 5 of 20
    Now We Have Everything
    This is another quote I love. It is just so beautiful and loving for a family.
    Check Out Designs by Maya Etsy!
  • Well Behaved Women 6 of 20
    Well Behaved Women
    I love this as inspiration for girls growing up. We should definitely teach them to be strong and outspoken women from the start!
    Check Out Fay Street Studio Etsy!
  • Explore, Dream, Discover 7 of 20
    Explore, Dream, Discover
    This is a great and inspirational quote for your toddlers. Mark Twain always knew what exactly to say!
    Check Out Attic Deestash Etsy!
  • Life is Good 8 of 20
    Life is Good
    Some days, we get hung up on all the negatives in life. Why not get our toddlers off to a good start in life by reminding them every day that life truly is good?
    Check Out Tessyla Etsy!
  • Dr. Seuss 9 of 20
    Dr. Seuss
    Dr. Seuss has so many awesome quotes, but this one is probably my favorite I have ever come across.
    Check Out Breeding Fancy Etsy!
  • Childhood Inspiration 10 of 20
    Childhood Inspiration
    These are all great ideas of what kids should be doing as they grow up. It is just part of childhood!
    Check Out Creative Wild Child Etsy!
  • Eat Your Veggies 11 of 20
    Eat Your Veggies
    This one lets your kids know from the get-go that vegetables and healthy foods are not an option, but a requirement...even for royalty!
    Check Out Fit to Print Designs Etsy!
  • Ferris Wheel 12 of 20
    Ferris Wheel
    If you aren't into prints with quotes, look into other fun prints that toddlers would love. I mean, who doesn't love carnival rides? My toddler loves ferris wheels more than I do!
    Check Out Bomobon Etsy!
  • ABC’s 13 of 20
    I think every toddler should have the ABC's in their room in one way, shape, or form. This is an adorable way to incorporate education into design!
    Check Out Thats Adorable LLC Etsy!
  • Monkey Time 14 of 20
    Monkey Time
    Who doesn't love an adorable monkey? Actually, monkey nursery themes are becoming increasingly popular, and it is something you can actually use with your toddler as they grow. Kids don't outgrown monkeys for a while!
    Check Out Stacie Laurell Etsy!
  • The Bear 15 of 20
    The Bear
    I think this is perfect for a little kid's room. How adorable is he?
    Check Out Bunch of Bees Etsy!
  • Pretty Bird 16 of 20
    Pretty Bird
    I have a thing for girly birds. Owls and birds are all over our daughter's nursery, and I think I should add this print!
    Check Out Art by Nataera Etsy!
  • We Believe 17 of 20
    We Believe
    Looking for something a little bit more faith based? Check out this one, and the others that follow!
    Check Out Momo Prints Etsy!
  • Delight Yourself 18 of 20
    Delight Yourself
    If you start at a young age with religious influence in your toddler's life, this is a great Bible verse to include in their room!
    Check Out Faith Foward Etsy!
  • Dare to Believe 19 of 20
    Dare to Believe
    I actually love this quote, and really love that it has an airplane on it! Makes you wonder, right?
    Check Out Inspire U Art Etsy!
  • Go Custom! 20 of 20
    Go Custom!
    When all else fails, get an adorable print with your kiddo's name! Toddlers love seeing their name on things as they learn to recognize letters and put them together.
    Check Out Kranky Krab Etsy!

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