20 Great Toddler Gifts Under $5 That Will Never Go Out of Style

For the last several years, we have slowly been cutting more and more back on Christmas gifts. We used to go over the top. Our thinking was, because we don’t really buy our kids any other toys, unless it’s one of their birthdays, we’d just go big on Christmas. Well, that was stupid because spending more money doesn’t necessarily mean more fun. It just means a playroom full of unplayed-with toys — that are dumped out of baskets littering the floor.

In the spirit of simplicity, here’s a roundup of 20 great toddlers gifts that you can buy for under $5 and that never go out of style!

  • Toddler Gifts Under $5 1 of 21

    Toddlers don't need toys that are fancy and expensive! Keep it cheap, and they'll still love you with these 20 great Toddler Christmas gift ideas that cost under $5.

  • Mr Potato Head 2 of 21

    An oldie but a goodie, Mr. Potato Head is loads of fun! At $5, he is priced just right. Your toddler will love creating various faces.


    Available at Amazon, $5

  • BathRub Finger Paint 3 of 21

    Your toddlers will love this bathtub finger-paint soap! They will just THINK they are getting messy.


    Available at Amazon, $3.97

  • Coloring Books 4 of 21

    Coloring and activity books are always a great gift, and can easily be stuffed in a stocking.


    Available at Amazon, $3.88

  • Yo Yo 5 of 21

    Though this is best for older toddlers, the Yo Yo is one of those classic toys, and at sometime in your child's life they should own.


    Available at Toys R Us, $3.99

  • Lego Mini Figures 6 of 21

    For the Lego-loving toddler, pick up a Lego Mini Figure surprise pack! Each pack contains 1 mini figure for your little one to collect.


    Available at Toys R Us, $3.19

  • Hot Wheels Car 7 of 21

    Our home has mostly hard floors, which is a dream for our toddlers who love Hot Wheels cars. At a buck a piece, you can't go wrong. Not to mention, these car toys last for years!


    Available at Toys R Us, $.99

  • Crayons 8 of 21

    We have massive amounts of broken Crayons in this house that we need to melt down. I love opening a new box of unbroken crayons, all organized and neat. Yeah, that doesn't last long, but it's a gift the kids will love!


    Available at Toys R Us, $4.99

  • Puzzles 9 of 21

    Our 3-year-old has just discovered puzzles and is obsessed. The beauty of toddlers (at least ours!) is they want to do the same puzzle over and over.


    Available at Amazon, $2.23

  • Play-Doh 10 of 21

    Let your toddler's imagination go wild with Play-Doh. Did you know Play-Doh has been around for over 50 years? While there are fancy sets to make this or that, we find kitchen utensils do a good job of making fun shapes.


    Available at Toys R Us, $3.99

  • Silly Putty 11 of 21

    For children 3 and up, Silly Putty will blow their mind. It stretches, bounces, and can be molded into different forms.


    Available at Toys R Us, $.99

  • Cardboard Box 12 of 21

    I'm so not even kidding. A big box would be my kid's DREAM! Pair this with WASHABLE markers, and you have a fort, a playhouse, a cave, or anything else your child's mind can imagine.


    Price: FREE! (if you don't have one, put a call out of Facebook - someone is bound to have one in their garage!)


    image source:

  • Slinky 13 of 21

    I'm warning you now: this toy won't last too long if your toddlers are anything like mine ... It will get all bent out of shape! BUT, before it goes haywire, this walking spring toy will amaze your kid! Make sure to take it to the top of the stairs, and let it walk down. Their mind will be BLOWN!


    Available at Toys R Us, $4.99

  • Ball 14 of 21

    Sometimes simpler is better. For extra fun, teach your toddler to throw a ball to your dog, and teach it to play fetch. Keep everyone busy.


    Available at Toys R Us, $2.98

  • Bubbles 15 of 21

    Bubbles! I stocked up on these when the summer toys went on sale at Target. I THOUGHT they were hidden in the garage, but the toddlers found them.


    Available at Toys R Us, $1.49

  • Drinking Straw Glasses 16 of 21

    This will BLOW YOUR TODDLER'S MIND! Liquid swirling around their eyeballs before drinking? YES!


    Buy at Toys R Us, $3.99

  • Color Bath Dropz 17 of 21

    Change the color of your toddler's bath water with these fun color bath dropz!  I do have to say, the first time we did this, our boys FREAKED out. They since scream for them, but the first time was a learning experience!


    Buy Color Bath Dropz, $3.99

  • Chalk 18 of 21

    Decorate the sidewalk or garage,or consider making a chalkboard wall (we did, so fun!). Chalk is another one of those classic toys that doesn't cost much but toddlers love!


    Buy at Toys R Us, $3.49

  • Paint with Water 19 of 21

    Want minimal mess? No problem! You just need a small cup of water for your toddler to dip his or her paint brush into for this fun painting activity.


    Buy at Toys R Us, $4.99

  • Bubble Wrap 20 of 21

    Let's give it up for FREE! Okay, so this one is going to be noisy, but it will cause your toddlers to erupt with laughter. Any packages that come in this Christmas with bubble wrap, just stash it. The kids will LOVE IT!


    Price: FREE! (From our moving experience last year, Home Depot was cheapest if you want to purchase.)


    image source:

  • Train Whistle 21 of 21

    We had no idea when we moved into our house that we would be able to hear a train. At first I thought it would be annoying. Fortunately it only comes around one time a day, and when it does, the toddlers light up. I am thinking we will get 2 of these but have a rule that they can only blow it when the train comes by.


    Buy at Amazon, $3.99

What Are Your Toddler’s Favorite Simple Affordable Toys?

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